Happiness and Peace at Work

Happiness and Peace at Work



Happiness and peace at work HR

Everyone would agree that happiness at workplace is directly proportional to the productivity. Studies show that when employees are happy & at peace with their work, it is reflected in their work & the final outcome is tremendous. As Edison once said “I never did a day’s work in my life – it was all fun”. Then again work is called “work” for a reason. It’s not all fun & games. But how much fun is too much fun? There is a thin line between “fun at work” helping to keep the employee’s morale & productivity up & “fun at work” getting in the way of actually doing the work. Mostly perceived as an employer’s responsibility, employees can help themselves enjoy their work more by cultivating a few simple but good habits


Being on time at work or work related activities shows traits of a true professional. It helps gain trust among peers & employers that the person is capable of keeping his/her word & also values & respects others time. The entire workplace runs smoothly if the employees & employers are on time for work.

Friendly Morning greeting

A simple Hello or Good morning wish not only lays foundation for a good day but also helps break the ice with the colleagues. More than anything else it’s the mere acknowledgement of the presence of someone is the first lesson of interpersonal communications. Saying ‘good morning’ makes things less awkward when you inevitably have to address your co-worker later in the day.

Avoid Gossips

Most people know that its best and professional to avoid gossips at workplace. It creates unnecessary tension & people become judgemental towards each other. Although it is difficult to control workplace gossip, but you can control yourself by not being a part of it. Change the subject of the conversation whenever you feel that someone is trying to share some information or say something that you don’t want to be part of.

Be open to Feedbacks

Feedbacks, whether good or bad helps you grow not only professionally but personally too. You learn about certain aspects of your work which even you may not be aware of. No one is perfect hence you cannot expect to receive positive feedbacks from superiors or peers every time. Like positive feedbacks boosts your confidence & negative feedbacks should motivate you to strive towards achieving what you have lacked so far.

Compliment others

Its alright to engage in a healthy competition in office but it doesn’t mean you cannot compliment others on their achievements & success.

Grow a social circle

A friendly workplace is a happy one. Liking & enjoying co-workers increases your happiness quotient at work. It adds another element that you look forward to while coming for work.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Different people come from different places & head their own way. Drawing comparisons may lead to workplace tensions & inferiority or superiority complex. You strive towards achieving your own goals & giving your best shot at it.

Happiness is an inside job. We decide how happy we want to be. A little positivity & change in attitude can help achieve a perfect work-life balance far more easier.

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