Big Businesses,
Big Challenges

Large enterprises continue to face issues about upgrading the on-premise legacy software and transforming human resources management from an administrative burden into a strategic asset.

Every company faces workforce challenges such as developing leadership candidates, improving employee engagement, and simplifying performance management. For a large enterprise, there are always issues of upgrading the on-premise legacy software.

Rolling Arrays provides the necessary guidance & advise you on how to replace the old redundant systems & leverage on the existing ones, identifying the gaps & suggesting the setup of new systems wherever required.

Our recommendation for large enterprises is to go for a hybrid model when it comes to system implementation with processes on cloud & some On-premise with the option of outsourcing payroll or implementing a new payroll system or integrating with the existing payroll system.

Note: The below table is a recommendation but the final design shall be proposed after RA team does a Transform and Align mapping before automating with the required HR software modules.

On Cloud On premise Outsourced
Recruit null
Onboard null
Administer null Optional (If existing)
Perform null
Reward null Optional (If existing) Optional
Develop null
Terminate null Optional (If existing)

null Recommended

Start anywhere, go everywhere

Every business has different requirements depending upon where they are on their transformation journey, this one size doesn’t fit all. As the starting point of every transformation journey is different,

you need the flexibility to begin that journey wherever you need and build a roadmap based on your strategy, not the technical limitations of a software vendor package.

Deployment options that meet your needs

The flexibility to start anywhere, go anywhere



  • Solve an immediate need without a large scale rip/replace
  • Leverage existing on-premise HCM investments


  • Re-think and simplify Core HR processes
  • Move your entire HCM system to the cloud
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