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Most of the HR systems in the market are either expensive or not suitable for a mid sized enterprise. The challenge is to find out a system that is well suited to the needs of a mid-sized enterprise.

With increasing size of business there come a lot of complications & issues that need to be taken care of on a day to day basis. This not only takes up valuable time but also requires manpower which ultimately impacts the productivity of the company. Having a robust system not only reduces the time taken to address these issues but also helps increasing the employee productivity resulting in higher profits. But most of the HR systems in the market are either expensive or not suitable for a medium enterprise as it does not address the pain points faced by a company of this size. How to find a well-oiled, robust system which can be customized to needs of a mid-sized company?

Rolling Arrays helps you find a perfect match to your company’s business requirements based on our years of experience in the market & expertise in the HR field.


Rolling Arrays’ Recommendation for mid-sized enterprises to go fully on cloud with their payroll process outsourced with the option of having an on premise payroll or integrating with existing on premise payroll of the customer. *Note: The below table is a recommendation but the final design shall be proposed after RA team does a Transform and Align mapping before automating with the required HR software modules.

On Cloud On premise Outsourced
Recruit null
Onboard null
Administer null
Perform null
Reward Optional
(integration with existing)
Develop null
Terminate null

null Recommended

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