How Robinsons streamlined its scattered HR processes

Streamlining scattered hr processes

How Robinsons streamlined its scattered HR processes



The major issue large organisations experience within the HR department is managing transformation. They’re either working with legacy systems that don’t effectively operate together or they’re fighting an old employee mindset hesitant to change. With attracting and retaining talent vital for success HR plays a major role in driving business growth.

Robinsons & RSH Group of Companies

Robinsons & RSH Group of Companies is part of the Al-Futtaim Group, a large conglomerate of diverse subsidiaries operating in the Gulf and Asia region. Robinsons, acquired by Al-Futtaim in 2008, operates three retail entities – Robinsons, John Little and Marks & Spencer – in Singapore and Malaysia. The RHS Group is a marketer, distributor and retailer for over 50 sports, golf, active lifestyle and fashion brands in the Asian region.

Scattered HR Processes

AI-Futtaim took over the Robinsons Group of Companies in 2008, and invested in RSH Group of Companies in 2012. The HR problem Al-Futtaim discovered when they took on such a range of different subsidiaries was the different systems and the resulting scattered process within the department. They also found roadblocks with the HR mindset; they were hesitant to move from a paper based to online system. To integrate all their different parts Al-Futtaim required a single, simple solution across the entire HR life cycle.

Finding an HR Transformation Partner

To integrate their different subsidiaries, Robinsons needed a single solution across the entire HR life cycle and an expert HR Transformation partner to replace their existing scattered process. Rolling Arrays was recommended to Robinsons as Asia’s premier HR transformation company with more than 100 successful HR Transformation projects to its credit.

Moving HR to the Cloud

For 4000 employees across Singapore & Malaysia, Robinsons & RSH Group needed integrated solution for:

  • Core HR
  • Payroll Management
  • Time Management
  • Performance & Goal Management
  • Recruiting Management

Rolling Arrays analysed and re-designed the existing scattered processes and map them to system functionalities using SAP SuccessFactors for an integrated solution. Rolling Arrays recommended a phased roll out approach (16 weeks) instead of original plan for a Big Bang roll out of SuccessFactors to ensure Robinsons & RSH Group of companies has sufficient resources to support the project. Rolling Arrays provided a simple solution for Al-Futtaim’s HR complexity by its consultative approach and strong knowledge of the HR processes, functions, software and HR best practice.

The Outcome:

The results for the Robinsons & RSH Group operating in Singapore and Malaysia were immediate. The user-friendly system got buy in from users, integrated all the teams on one system, streamlined and aligned procedures and processes while achieving synergy in delivering results. The business can now generate more analytical HR reports that are meaningful and drive business growth. The next step is to roll out the solution to more countries in the region. “Rolling Arrays strives to meet our expectations with the necessary skills and professionalism. The team members are capable and responsive to our requirements. Rolling Arrays displayed high level of commitment. ” – Chee Nian Tze, Group Human Resources Director, Robinsons

How Streamlining HR Processes affected the Business?

As Group HR Director of Robinsons & RSH Group, Chee Nian Tze said, ” The implementation has positive impact on our businesses in Singapore and Malaysia in the following areas:

  • Integrated the teams on one system
  • Streamlined and aligned procedures and processes
  • Achieved synergy in delivering results

The most surprising results is the ability to generate more analytical reports compared to other HR solutions and to set up more reports that are meaningful to better support the business.”

Rolling Arrays is Asia’s premier award winning HR transformation company, headquartered in Singapore with offices in 6 countries. Since its inception in 2009, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 100 HR transformation projects for more than 50 blue-chip clients across Asia. A consultative approach to HR processes, HR functions and HR software is Rolling Arrays core expertise and the primary catalyst for its success.

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