Role Of Human Resources Redefined

Role Of Human Resources Redefined



The human resource department is still struggling to be known as a business partner entity within an organization. It started in the early 70’s as administrative roles of hiring, firing and managing compensation and payrolls. Business leaders still think HR has still not pulled up its socks and is a reactive department than a proactive business partner helping the organization and its people grow.

The misunderstanding is further aggravated as most tasks completed by the Human Resource Department are not built on number games; like the speed of hiring people; training a certain number of managers; completing performance reviews etc.

The new role of human resources that business leaders want to see is that of the H.R. Business Partner, that goes against the stigma of ‘Human Resource Department’. In order to do so, HR professionals need to think like business minds and not just HR. It would be good for HR professionals to get hands on training under a business unit for understanding the business philosophy, tricks of the trade and the psyche of the numbers.

Organizations in today’s global business world want their HR departments to actively take control of building the organization by:

Redefining the Organizations Purpose

The one distinctive instrument for the top and bottom line management growth is ‘corporate purpose’. Companies need to very clearly define, or redefine their purpose of existence. Just like every individual re-evaluates his purpose of life, similarly organizations need to embed that purpose in its people. Working merely for a paycheck shouldn’t be the purpose of working for a particular organization.

In order to achieve that purpose, organizations need to be inspired. They must have done something to be so proud of…being that inspiration. To achieve all of this organizations need to:

Define: Every single employee of your organization must be clearly able to say why their organization exists?

Align: Understanding the purpose and how it connects to your job and department is the next important thing. Aligning the purpose to a collective effort with tools and systems will align the purpose of the organization.

Result: What are the business results achieved by aligning the organizations purpose?

This should reduce the organizations turnover rate and costs while increasing productivity and profits.

New Talent that will simply love your organization

Employees are usually taken aback and lose trust in the organization they work for, when organizations fail to deliver what they had promised. The company’s market image is harmed if employees are not living up to their EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Prepare a survey to find a good fit while conducting new hire interviews to understand what kind of a person best suits the organization environment.

Build Employee Potential

For a human resources department it is imperative to hone employee strengths and bring them to perform. Use strength effective tools to find out about your employees, or for new hires the quality of questions will determine if the candidate is a good match.

Once the strengths of employees are highlighted, then the HRs can work around and develop on overcoming the weaknesses for turning employees into top performers.

Aligning Organizational Goals

All employees and leaders need to work as a team to achieve the collective goals and objectives. Human resources are responsible for building an effective reward and incentive system, which will tie in the employees’ goals to the organizations objectives and purpose.

Measuring Return on Investment

To create an effective and accurate system to measure return on investment, all departments should be able to answer how they are contributing to the top and bottom line, and how can their departments impact be measured effectively? How is this information going to contribute to the overall success of the organization?

Creating a tracking result system will give an exact picture of the organizations achievement of goals and objectives.

The overall role of Human Resources has changed and in order to attract the best talent as millennial are taking over, the human resource needs to start thinking like a business thinking partner for the organization.


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