SIX THINKING HATS for an Effective HRIS Implementation

Six Thinking Hats for an Effective HRIS Implementation



Six Thinking Hats for effective HR implementationWhen we get into an implementation for SuccessFactors or SAP or any other product for that matter, we generally follow the prescribed methodologies – BizXpert, SAP Launch, Empower e.t.c and most often we get so involved with the execution that we do not realize what questions to ask at each step that will lead us in the right answers during the implementation.

Edward Bono, an expert on study of how people think, developed the “six thinking hats approach to allow individuals and group to attend to all parts of the problem. He took the “Let’s put on our analytical hats” analogy one step further and if we take this analogy, I believe each of the points mentioned would make the implementation seem like perfect pieces of puzzle that will eventually come out to be a worthy piece of art.

The Six thinking Hats DeBono has identified are:

White Hat: Deals with Facts Figures and Objective Information

  • What’s the timeline?
  • You missed a crucial piece of information in your analysis?

Red Hat: Deals with Emotions and Feelings

  • How do you feel about this approach?
  • What Level 2 impact will it have on people on our team?
  • Am I comfortable with this approach?

Black Hat: Deals with Logical errors in thinking

  • Have you thought through the implications of this on Timelines and Quality?
  • You missed some important details in the second section of the proposal?
  • Risk Management Plan?

Yellow Hat: Deals with Positive Constructive thoughts

  • I like this idea! What are the potential benefits if we take this approach?
  • Can I bring in the Customer Delight with this approach?

Green Hat: Deals with creativity and New ideas

  • Here’s another angle we could take on this proposal.
  • What other ways might we consider to build support for this idea?

Blue Hat: Deals with control of other hats and thinking steps

  • Now that we’ve looked at this using all the hats, what should we do next?
  • What stands out to you, now that you’ve heard all the opinions and reactions?
  • Let’s integrate the ideas into a coherent plan.

We, most times unconsciously put on few of the hats during our implementation approach, and one should also realize that each of the hats provide crucial information.

For an implementation, I believe every team member needs to put on each of this hat through the project and do remember that always wear the Blue Hat last and learn from each experience.


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