Centralized Document Management App, Built for SAP SuccessFactors

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ePFile Highlight

ePFile helps SAP SuccessFactors customers to search, view and add employee documents at one place without replicating documents and permissions outside of SuccessFactors.


Smart Search

Quick document retrieval by leveraging SF storage and SF RBP integration

Customizable Workspace

Document structure reorganization maintains the SF structure and mapping, allowing for document categorization pulled from SF and folder-to-category mapping in ePFile for efficient document taxonomy

Easy Bulk Upload

Easy and direct insertion of multiple documents into SF

Automated Document Generation

Automating the storage of SF-generated documents in ePFile

Audit Trail

Tracking and recording all downloaded documents through ePFile

Docusign Integration

Seamless integration of Docusign with SF for recruiting/onboarding, with searchable final documents in ePFile.

ePFile vs. Opentext

Employee document management options for SAP SuccessFactors

Features ePFile OpenText
Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Seamless integration with SAP SF as it is an extension specifically built to aid SF users' experience. A full-fledged DMS integrates well with SAP SuccessFactors
Cloud Deployment Track and manages documents in the SAP cloud system. All documents are stored in the