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Lead the game in the SAP HR – Tech HCM SuccessFactors Career

Integrating SAP SuccessFactors into enterprise systems is a job half done. To unlock the complete potential and optimally leverage this application, an SF-purposed learning journey is a necessity.

Having years of experience in consulting and optimizing SF for the HR Tech space, we have simplified this learning process through the Rolling Arrays SAP SuccessFactors Management Training Programme. The HR Tech Academy enables HR thought-leaders to train, share knowledge, and shape the roots of tomorrow’s HR Tech Consultants.

Imparts More Than SAP SuccessFactors Knowledge

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Attractive salary and perks for our HR Tech consultants

Fun and collaborative culture for conducive knowledge building

Opportunity to learn in real-world projects

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Hands-on learning in the first three months with experts exposing learners to HR tech solutions, including SAP SuccessFactors.

Our accreditations help you establish credibility in the HR Tech landscape, enabling better opportunities to land on your career map .

Empowered by Rolling Arrays HR Tech Academy, your career growth rate is 50% faster. You can become a Solution Architect in 5 years.

Get world-class exposure

Work with HR Tech Consulting Leaders from diverse spheres

Freshers Apply to SAP SuccessFactors Graduate Training Programme Jobs

  • Having a full-time degree from a recognized institute
  • Less than 3 years of experience


  • A Consultant or Business Analysts who help customers map their business requirements to a particular enterprise-grade software (off the shelf or bespoke)
  • Minimum 3 years experience in a client-facing role
  • Having a full-time degree from a recognized institute
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Fun. Learn. And more.

Perks and benefits at Rolling Arrays

Health Insurance

Learning & mentorship

Flexible schedules

WFH option

Wellness benefits

Free snacks & coffee

Compensatory day off

International business trips

Rewards & recognition program


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What is the SAP SuccessFactors Graduate training programme job, and how does it differ from other graduate training programs?

Joining the SAP SuccessFactors Management Trainee Programme at Rolling Arrays means embarking on a transformative journey into HR Tech Consulting. Our emphasis on SAP SuccessFactors, HCM, and HR IT sets us different from standard graduate training programs and provides a specific career path in the IT sector. This extensive curriculum covers several aspects of HR Technology – SAP SuccessFactors, HR and Consulting guaranteeing a broad grasp of the discipline.

How does the SAP SuccessFactors Management Trainee Programme shape a career in HR Tech Consulting?

Joining as an Associate Consultant:

  • Lead the Game in HR Tech Consulting: As an Associate Consultant, you step into a role that goes beyond traditional consulting. You take the lead in HR Technology by incorporating SAP SuccessFactors into business processes, making you a vital participant.

Unlocking Potential Through SF-Purposed Learning:

  • SF-Purposed Learning Journey: It’s not enough to just integrate SAP SuccessFactors with business processes. A focused learning experience with an SF purpose is necessary to realize its potential properly. Through its HR Tech Academy, where thought leaders teach, exchange information, and lay the groundwork for future SAP HR Tech HCM SuccessFactors careers, Rolling Arrays streamlines this process.

Can you elaborate on the role of an Associate Consultant in the SAP HR Tech/ HCM SuccessFactors career within Rolling Arrays?

As an Associate Consultant, you lead the game in HR Tech Consulting. Your job is to ensure that SAP SuccessFactors is integrating with business processes, customers are making the most of their subscription and unlocking their full potential. Our curriculum is built on this fundamental duty. Moreover, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of HR Tech by applying your knowledge to real-world scenarios, creating a dynamic and impactful learning experience.

How does the Rolling Arrays HR Tech Academy (HRTA) enhance the learning experience for Management Trainees?

The Rolling Arrays HR Tech Academy is the backbone of our programme. It goes beyond imparting SAP SuccessFactors knowledge by creating a space where HR tech experts train, share knowledge, and shape the roots of tomorrow’s HR Tech Consultants. The academy offers more than simply technical know-how; it streamlines the learning process. With a focus on interactive learning, seminars, group projects and on the job training, guarantees an exciting and hands-on learning experience.

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What perks and benefits can Management Trainees expect upon joining Rolling Arrays?

When you join us, you’re not just starting a job, you’re initiating a career filled with attractive salaries and perks for HR tech consultants. Our enjoyable and cooperative work environment promotes knowledge acquisition, and the chance to gain experience in practical projects lays the groundwork for your career advancement. In order to create a comprehensive and encouraging work environment, we also provide health insurance, learning, and mentorship programs, flexible schedules, work-from-home options, wellness benefits, free coffee and snacks, paid time off, international business trips, and a rewards and recognition program.

Why is now the right time to apply for the SAP SuccessFactors Management Trainee Programme at Rolling Arrays?

The programme is open for fresh graduates and also laterals for mid-career switch. You can apply and our team will contact you if you qualify to start the recruitment process.

Practical Education and Experience:

Hands-on Learning in HR Tech Solutions: During the first three months, you will be exposed to a variety of HR IT solutions, including SAP SuccessFactors, through hands-on learning with specialists. The tone for your exploration of the exciting field of HR Tech Consulting is established by this all-encompassing experience.

Certifications and Employment Possibilities:

Our Accreditations and Your Career Map: Our certifications not only provide your profile more legitimacy, but they also let you access greater options on your career path. This is the ideal moment to take advantage of the changing HR Tech scene and set yourself up for success as a future industry leader.

Quicker Career Advancement with the HR Tech School:

Empowered Career Growth: Empowered by the Rolling Arrays HR Tech Academy, your career growth rate accelerates by 50%. In just five years, you can become a Solution Architect, a testament to the effectiveness of our programme in propelling your professional journey.

For Freshers:

Solid Foundation for Full-Time Degree Holders: A full-time degree program offers new students a thorough and organized educational experience. The curriculum establishes a strong basis and gives students the tools they need to succeed in HR Tech Consulting.

For Laterals:

Leveraging Experience in Client-facing Roles: With at least three years of experience in client-facing positions, lateral entrants bring insightful perspectives to the table. By recognizing and utilizing their skills, the program enables individuals to translate business needs to enterprise-grade software.

Tailored Opportunities for Growth:

  • Adaptability for Individual Trajectories: The program is designed with adaptability in mind, catering to the diverse needs of both entry-level and experienced professionals. This guarantees that every individual gets chances that are both difficult and meaningful based on their growth trajectory.

Propelling Careers Forward:

  • Career Propulsion Through Adaptability: Whether you are starting your journey or looking to advance your career, the program’s adaptability propels careers forward. It recognizes that new hires and laterals have different needs, and it offers a platform for ongoing education and development in the fast-paced HR Tech Consulting industry.

Join now to experience a program that respects and nurtures the individual journey of each participant, fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.

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What distinguishes Rolling Arrays as the go-to choice for those seeking the Best paying career job in Tech?

World-class Exposure:

Get World-class Exposure: Working with HR Tech Consulting leaders from diverse spheres, you receive world-class exposure that sets you on a trajectory for success. In addition to providing employment, our program guarantees one of the highest-paying professional positions in the IT sector.

Opportunities That Are Inclusive for Laterals and Freshmen:

Inclusive Opportunities for Freshers and Laterals: Our program accepts applicants with a minimum of three years of experience, as well as freshmen with a full-time degree. Because it offers customized growth possibilities, HR Tech aficionados at all career phases may use it as an inclusive platform.

Apply now to kick-start your HR-tech consulting career at Rolling Arrays and embark on a journey that combines learning, fun, and unparalleled career growth!

Graduate Programme  Internship

Ready to lead the game in HR Tech Consulting? Apply right now to Rolling Arrays’ SAP SuccessFactors Graduate Program. Join us to shape the future of HR Tech and unlock the complete potential of SAP SuccessFactors. An exciting career awaits you!