Rolling Arrays
HR Transformation Approach

Rolling Arrays’ decade-long experience in implementing SAP SuccessFactors has allowed us to see that a little time invested on either side of implementation drives better outcomes.

SAP SuccessFactors Align

What we do

  • Conduct discovery workshops to assess current state and desired future state
  • Identify issues, and build high-level process journey maps
  • Identify legacy system integration needs and process-fit gaps
  • Define project guiding principles

SAP SuccessFactors Automate

What we do

  • Identify strategic goals of the business and key pain points, and determine focus areas and expected outcomes
  • Configure customer requirements based on objectives and priorities
  • Test the solution and identify any gaps
  • Migrate all systems and data to the production environment

SAP SuccessFactors Adopt

What we do

  • Train super users and the wider population
  • Drive awareness by evangelizing key features and benefits
  • Track adoption and collect user feedback
  • Socialize and implement new features
  • Update training materials


Conduct discovery workshops


Identify issues, and build high-level process journey maps


Identify legacy system integration needs and process-fit gaps


Build data migration and integration plans


Identify strategic goals, key pain points, and priorities, and create a Design Workbook


Configure the customer’s requirements based on the Design Workbook


System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing to prepare for Production Migration Cutover


Production migration, payroll simulation & training, and go-live

Nurture Programs

Readiness survey, email campaigns, user guides, key user training, and train-the-trainer; senior stakeholder engagement

Post Go-live Comms

Drive adoption across the organization through internal communications

End-user Survey

Quarterly user adoption surveys, Monthly analysis of help tickets/login statistics

Remedies and New Features

Config optimizations, targeted training updates/refreshers; two SAP updates per year

Optimize the ROI of your existing SAP SuccessFactors (SF) environment

SF Resource Augmentation

Find solid, SuccessFactors expertise at short notice and on a flexible basis

SF Support (AMS)

Get the support you need to drive SuccessFactors adoption while maximizing ROI.

SF Add-ons

Problems evolve over time, and that’s why we keep adding more solutions to solve HR problems.

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