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Digital Adoption for SAP SuccessFactors in HR

Rolling Arrays’ SAP SuccessFactors implementation methodology has allowed us to see that a little time invested on either side of implementation drives better outcomes.

SAP SuccessFactors Align

What we do

  • Conduct discovery workshops to assess current state and desired future state
  • Identify issues, and build high-level process journey maps
  • Identify legacy system integration needs and process-fit gaps
  • Define project guiding principles

SAP SuccessFactors Automate

What we do

  • Identify strategic goals of the business and key pain points, and determine focus areas and expected outcomes
  • Configure customer requirements based on objectives and priorities
  • Test the solution and identify any gaps
  • Migrate all systems and data to the production environment

SAP SuccessFactors Adopt

What we do

  • Train super users and the wider population
  • Drive awareness by evangelizing key features and benefits
  • Track adoption and collect user feedback
  • Socialize and implement new features
  • Update training materials


Conduct discovery workshops


Identify issues, and build high-level process journey maps


Identify legacy system integration needs and process-fit gaps


Build data migration and integration plans


Identify strategic goals, key pain points, and priorities, and create a Design Workbook


Configure the customer’s requirements based on the Design Workbook


System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing to prepare for Production Migration Cutover


Production migration, payroll simulation & training, and go-live

Nurture Programs

Readiness survey, email campaigns, user guides, key user training, and train-the-trainer; senior stakeholder engagement

Post Go-live Comms

Drive adoption across the organization through internal communications

End-user Survey

Quarterly user adoption surveys, Monthly analysis of help tickets/login statistics

Remedies and New Features

Config optimizations, targeted training updates/refreshers; two SAP updates per year

Optimize the ROI of your existing SAP SuccessFactors (SF) environment

SF Resource Augmentation

Find solid, SuccessFactors expertise at short notice and on a flexible basis

SF Support (AMS)

Get the support you need to drive SuccessFactors adoption while maximizing ROI.

SF Add-ons

Problems evolve over time, and that’s why we keep adding more SAP SF HR management solutions to solve common problems.

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How does Rolling Arrays leverage its decade-long experience in SAP successfactors implementation methodology to enhance outcomes?

Rolling Arrays recognizes that a strategic approach to implementation is crucial for success. Over our decade-long experience, we have fine-tuned our methodologies, understanding that even a small investment in time on either side of implementation significantly improves outcomes. Our seasoned professionals make sure that every step is painstakingly planned and carried out, turning the implementation process into a journey that will completely revolutionize your HR ecosystem rather than just a project.

What distinguishes the SAP SuccessFactors Align phase, and how does it contribute to successful HR Transformation?

In the Align phase, we conduct discovery workshops to assess your current and desired future states. We pinpoint problems, create high-level process journey maps, and establish project guiding concepts. This comprehensive procedure makes sure that every facet of your HR environment is in line with your company’s objectives, paving the way for a smooth transition.

How does Rolling Arrays approach SAP SuccessFactors Automate, and what are the key elements that contribute to its success?

In the Automate phase, we delve into identifying strategic business goals and key pain points. We then carefully test solutions, migrate systems and data to the production environment, and customize client needs based on goals and priorities. This systematic approach guarantees that your automation journey produces the desired results and is in line with your company objectives.

How does Rolling Arrays ensure success in the SAP SuccessFactors implementation journey?

Comprehensive Discovery Workshops:

Our implementation process begins with in-depth discovery workshops. These meetings evaluate your present HR situation and outline your ideal future state, guaranteeing a complete comprehension of your particular needs.

High-Level Process Journey Maps:

We make thorough process journey maps, pinpointing possible obstacles and areas in need of development. We are able to match your corporate objectives with our implementation strategy thanks to this strategic picture.

Guiding Principles Definition:

In the Align phase, we establish guiding principles for your project. These fundamental ideas act as a roadmap, directing each stage of the implementation process and guaranteeing a seamless and successful transition.

How does Rolling Arrays contribute to Digital Adoption for SAP SuccessFactors, and what benefits does it bring to businesses?

Digital Adoption is at the core of our SAP SuccessFactors Human Resources Management Solutions. We promote important features and benefits, monitor uptake, raise awareness, gather user input, and measure results. Through networking int, producing new features, and continuously updating training materials, we make sure that the broader audience within your business uses SAP SuccessFactors smoothly and continues to do so.

What is the significance of Data in the SAP SuccessFactors journey, and how does Rolling Arrays handle data migration and integration?

Data plays a pivotal role in the success of SAP SuccessFactors. In order to solve this, Rolling Arrays creates detailed plans for data transfer and integration. Our specialists make sure that process-fit gaps are found and filled, as well as that legacy system integration requirements are satisfied, guaranteeing a smooth data flow across your HR ecosystem.

How can Rolling Arrays optimize the ROI of an existing SAP SuccessFactors environment?

With our extensive experience, we focus on optimizing the ROI of your SAP SuccessFactors environment. We offer resource augmentation, support (AMS), and constantly changing add-ons that are customized to meet changing business requirements. To optimize the value of your current SF install, we offer dependable, adaptable, and flexible support that takes into account the changing nature of HR solutions.

How does Rolling Arrays drive Digital Adoption for SAP SuccessFactors in Human Resources Management?

User-Centric Training Programs:

Our approach to digital adoption includes tailor-made training programs for super users and the wider population. With the comprehensive information these programs provide, you can help your company develop a culture of self-sufficiency.

Continuous Awareness Campaigns:

We go beyond implementation by evangelizing key features and benefits continuously. Our awareness-raising efforts make sure that users are not just conversant with the system but also aware of its continuous benefits and how it affects day-to-day activities.

Agile Implementation of New Features:

As part of our Adopt phase, we implement new features in an agile manner. With this strategy, we can swiftly adapt to changing demands and make sure your company remains at the forefront of the digital HR space.

How does Rolling Arrays support Digital Adoption for SAP SuccessFactors?

Rolling Arrays prioritizes Digital Adoption by training super users and the wider population. By promoting the main features and advantages, monitoring the adoption process, gathering insightful user input, and socializing and launching new features, we raise awareness. Our goal is to guarantee that every department in your company has a thorough grasp of and makes the best use of SAP SuccessFactors.

What sets Rolling Arrays' SAP SuccessFactors Resource Augmentation apart?

Our Resource Augmentation service is intended to offer reliable SuccessFactors knowledge on a flexible and timely basis. Whether you need continuous support or extra help during crucial stages, our in-depth system knowledge and consultative approach guarantee that you locate the appropriate expertise when you need it.

What are the key benefits of Rolling Arrays' SAP SuccessFactors Support (AMS) service?

Our Support (AMS) service goes beyond just providing assistance. Our goal is to maximize ROI while accelerating the adoption of SuccessFactors. Our support platform, together with proactive Change Management and Adoption Strategies, guarantees continuous help that adapts to your organization’s evolving needs.

How does Rolling Arrays support Digital Adoption for SAP SuccessFactors in HR Transformation?

Superior Resource Augmentation:

Rolling Arrays’ Resource Augmentation service stands out due to its solid SuccessFactors expertise, available on short notice and a flexible basis. We provide the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate time and location by tailoring it to your unique needs.

Proactive Adoption and Support Strategies:

Our Adoption and Support (AMS) service is proactive rather than reactive. We ensure that your investment continues to deliver value by employing proactive Change Management and uptake Strategies that promote SuccessFactors uptake.

Evolutionary Approach to Add-On Solutions:

Both problems and our solutions change with time. Our add-on service is always changing to meet new difficulties and make sure that your HR issues are always addressed with creative and practical solutions.

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