The new normal of intelligent time capturing

CICO is built on SAP Cloud Platform and is integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Module

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CICO makes time capturing easy and seamless for you and your employees

What ?

CICO is a mobile application that enables contact-free clock-in and clock-out for your corporate and shift employees.

Why ?

An intelligent time-capturing solution that works without the internet – anywhere – and provides real-time alerts and insights. CICO enables users to stay away from frequently handled surfaces while securely registering their attendance on their own mobile devices.

Who ?

If you are or going to be a SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time module user, CICO will simplify attendance of your corporate and shift employees without the hassle of maintaining physical devices and cards for your distributed workforce.

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How CICO works

Employees clock-in and clock-out with a smile

Mobile App Login and Logout

Employees can beat the queue and save time with contact-free clock-in and clock-out

Works everywhere, even with no internet

Employees can use the app in offices, warehouses, basements, and remote places too.

Provides real-time alerts and insights

Supervisors get real-time alerts to make intelligent business decisions

Choose CICO for a reason

Features That Fortify The Solution’s Efficiency

  • Geo-Fencing, QR-code, and finger-recognition-based Time Capturing.
  • No internet – no matter! Offline mode enables time capturing in all places – even without the internet.
  • Intelligent alerts prevent fraud as employee clock in or clock out is recorded real-time
  • Powered by other features – Dynamic Rule Engine | Pre-Integrated with SAP | Available on both iOS & Android | Dedicated Support

CICO in Screenshots

Efficient Time Capturing for SAP SuccessFactors

CICO Makes Things Simple For All

Be It Employees. Be It The Enterprise.


Employees stay safe and
avoid queues – every day.


Complete and instant visibility on movement, time utilization, and detailed reports benefit administrators.


Improved employee productivity
and informed decisions by their supervisors benefit business processes.

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CICO Success Story – Under The Spotlight

Mount Faber Leisure Group

Using CICO To Improve Operational Efficiency

Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) is one of Singapore’s leading operators of leisure & lifestyle services.

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