Intelligent Time Management Add-On Built for SAP SuccessFactors

CICO is built on SAP Cloud Platform and is integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Module

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Elevate Your Workforce Efficiency with Seamless Time Solution

What ?

CICO is an intelligent Time Management addon designed for SAP SuccessFactors, offering features such as Time Capture, Shift Planning, Time Evaluation, and detailed reporting.

Why ?

CICO is crucial for optimizing HR processes, providing end-to-end time management capabilities, enhancing efficiency, and seamlessly integrating with SAP SuccessFactors for a holistic workforce management experience.

Who ?

CICO is ideal for organizations with Shift Workers seeking comprehensive time management solutions for SAP SuccessFactors, empowering HR professionals, and benefiting businesses aiming for streamlined processes, accuracy, and overall workforce efficiency.

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Unlock End-to-End Time Management Capabilities with CICO

Time Capture

Streamline time tracking with contact-free clock-in/out

Shift Planning

Efficiently plan and manage employee shifts.

Time Evaluation

Evaluate and optimize time-related data in SuccessFactors itself.


Generate detailed reports for informed decision-making.

Seamlessly Integrated for Success

CICO seamlessly integrate with the SAP SF’s Employee Central module, ensuring a perfect fit with your HR processes.

Mobile App Login and Logout

Employees can beat the queue and save time with contact-free clock-in and clock-out

Works everywhere, even with no internet

Employees can use the app in offices, warehouses, basements, and remote places too.

Provides real-time alerts and insights

Supervisors get real-time alerts to make intelligent business decisions

Efficient Rostering Process

Seamlessly create efficient rosters considering employee availability and business rules.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive shift planning interface for both weeks and months.
Mass updating capabilities through Excel Upload for quick adjustments.

Leave Management Integration

Import leave information directly into the shift planning screen.
Utilize a rule engine to validate roster plans, ensuring accuracy.

Employee Flexibility

Enable staff shift swapping for increased flexibility.
Allow staff shift bidding to cater to individual preferences.

Specialized Rostering

Roster staff for standby situations with ease.
Utilize the demand engine for optimized workforce planning.


A comprehensive and integrated solution for payroll, shift data, attendance and reporting.

Configurable Time Evaluation Engine

Utilize a robust engine with configurable rules for diverse time assessment needs.

Comprehensive Calculation Capabilities

Calculate final hours considering leave, holidays, breaks, and shifts crossing midnight.

Seamless Integration and Workflow

Integrate with SAP SuccessFactors, streamline approval workflows, and allow for retroactive calculations with mass approval capabilities.

Real-time Attendance Insights

Monitor workforce attendance in real-time with intuitive dashboards, ensuring immediate awareness of employee presence across various sites.

Post Go-live Comms

Stay ahead with proactive capacity utilization tracking, enabling effective demand forecasting and timely mitigation of potential shortfalls.

Roster Planning Dashboard

Optimize workforce productivity with a comprehensive dashboard, offering a quick comparison of planned vs actual hours and detailed views on roster planning statuses.

Choose CICO for a reason

Features That Fortify The Solution’s Efficiency

  • Geo-Fencing, QR-code, and finger-recognition-based Time Capturing.
  • No internet – no matter! Offline mode enables time capturing in all places – even without the internet.
  • Intelligent alerts prevent fraud as employee clock in or clock out is recorded real-time
  • Powered by other features – Dynamic Rule Engine | Pre-Integrated with SAP | Available on both iOS & Android | Dedicated Support

CICO in Screenshots

Efficient Time Capturing for SAP SuccessFactors

CICO Makes Things Simple For All

Be It Employees. Be It The Enterprise.


Experience safety and efficiency
with CICO’s Time Capture feature, avoiding queues and ensuring a seamless daily experience.


Gain comprehensive visibility
into employee movement, time utilization, and detailed reports instantly, empowering administrators for effective workforce management.


Enhance overall employee
productivity and facilitate informed decision-making for supervisors, contributing to streamlined business processes and increased efficiency.

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CICO Success Story – Under The Spotlight

Mount Faber Leisure Group

Using CICO To Improve Operational Efficiency

Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) is one of Singapore’s leading operators of leisure & lifestyle services.

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Learn more about CICO, time capturing solution built for SAP SuccessFactors.


What is CICO, and how does it enhance time management in SAP SuccessFactors?

CICO is an intelligent Time Management addon for SAP SuccessFactors, streamlining processes like Time Capture, Shift Planning, Time Evaluation, and detailed reporting to optimize HR efficiency.

Why is CICO considered crucial for organizations using SAP SuccessFactors?

CICO is crucial for optimizing HR processes, providing end-to-end time management capabilities, and seamlessly integrating with SAP SuccessFactors, contributing to streamlined processes, accuracy, and overall workforce efficiency.

How does CICO's Time Capture feature work, and what benefits does it offer?

CICO’s Time Capture streamlines time tracking with contact-free clock-in/out, ensuring ease of use, even without an internet connection. It provides real-time alerts, promoting efficient attendance management.

Can CICO handle complex workforce scheduling with its Rostering and Shift Management feature?

Yes, CICO’s Rostering and Shift Management efficiently create rosters, offers a user-friendly interface, integrates leave management, and ensures employee flexibility. It’s a comprehensive solution for optimized workforce planning.

How does CICO contribute to proactive time management with its Capacity Tracking feature?

Answer: CICO’s proactive Capacity Tracking enables businesses to stay ahead with real-time insights into workforce attendance, effective demand forecasting, and the timely mitigation of potential shortfalls, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What advantages does CICO's Reporting feature provide for businesses using SAP SuccessFactors?

CICO’s Reporting feature offers real-time attendance insights, proactive capacity tracking, and a dashboard for roster planning, ensuring businesses can make data-driven decisions and optimize workforce productivity.

Is CICO easily integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, particularly the Employee Central module?

Yes, CICO is natively integrated with SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central module, ensuring a seamless fit with HR processes, making it an ideal choice for organizations using SAP SuccessFactors.