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Simplified Configuration

SF Implementation helps design the SF implementation framework for your organization. It also includes configuring, testing, and configuring the framework.

SAP SF Implementation encompasses the PMO governance, quality assessments, and change control frameworks.

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Four key steps in our SAP SF Implementation practice

Robust, Repeatable SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Expertise

Our Goal

We start by understanding the strategic goals of the business, identifying key pain points, and determining the prioritization of focus areas and expected outcomes.

What we do:

  • Determine priorities: Identify key focus areas, solution design, and guiding principles
  • Establish the plan: Align project plan, schedule, resources, and establish baseline scope and testing plans
  • Map strategic goals: to the expected functionality from solution capabilities

Our Goal

We configure the Customer’s requirements based on the Design Workbook in two or more rapid iterative cycles.

What we do:

  • System set up: Iteratively set up the system as per expected outcomes and validate with project team
  • Data test: Test load data from legacy systems
  • Access control: Setup authorizations, roles and access
  • Prepare for SIT and UAT: Plan and prepare for testing and training

Our Goal

Our experts perform detailed testing to ensure SF is working as expected, prior to deploying the system in the client’s production environment.

What we do to get there

  • System Integration Testing: Test Script Preparation, end-to-end systems integration testing, fix and restest issues
  • User Acceptance Testing: Complete UAT of the system and prouduction cutover

Our Goal

Migrating all systems and data to the Production Environment and performing all sanity checks. Upon completing system readiness, two tracks of activities will be initiated:

What we do to get there

  • Payroll Simulation: Initiate Payroll Simulation testing and fix any system/data issues
  • Training & End User Readiness: Conduct Train-The-Trainer (TTT) and Admin Training sessions
  • Business Go-Live: Project closure documents handover and setting up of support mechanism

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How is the cost determined for SAP SuccessFactors implementation?

The SAP successfactors implementation cost is intricately assessed based on your organization’s unique requirements. The total cost is influenced by a number of variables, including the project’s scale, the intricacy of your organizational structure, and the particular modules being used. In order to provide a customized cost estimate that is in line with your HR transformation objectives, Rolling Arrays does a thorough investigation.

Are there any hidden costs associated with SAP successfactors implementation cost?

Transparency is paramount at Rolling Arrays. Our cost estimates are all-encompassing, covering every facet of the implementation process. We place a high value on open communication and make sure there are no unstated fees. With this commitment, you can know exactly what you’re investing in from the start.

Can you outline the cost-benefit analysis of SAP SuccessFactors implementation?

Absolutely. Our comprehensive cost-benefit analysis extends beyond immediate expenses, focusing on the long-term advantages of SAP SuccessFactors implementation. We explore increased productivity, simpler workflows, and better worker satisfaction. Rolling Arrays highlights the significant worth of your investment by offering a comprehensive evaluation of both short- and long-term returns.

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How does an optimized SAP SuccessFactors implementation positively impact costs?

An optimized implementation directly influences costs by reducing inefficiencies and ensuring a smooth transition. The careful approach taken by Rolling Arrays during the phases of design, configuration, testing, and commissioning reduces interruptions, which in turn improves the SAP SuccessFactors solution’s overall cost-effectiveness.

What makes SAP SF implementation a crucial step in HR transformation?

SAP SF implementation is integral to HR transformation, aligning your organization’s strategic goals with the capabilities of the SuccessFactors suite. A smooth transition is our priority at Rolling Arrays, and we pay close attention to design, configuration, testing, and commissioning. This ensures optimal performance, user adoption, and overall success in your HR transformation journey.

How does Rolling Arrays approach the configuration phase of SF implementation?

The configuration phase is where Rolling Arrays shines. We carefully consider the baseline scope and testing strategies when coordinating project plans, timetables, and resource allocation. This detailed approach ensures that the SuccessFactors suite is not just implemented but tailored to your organization’s unique needs, maximizing its effectiveness.

What Steps Are Involved in the Testing Phase of SF Implementation?

Comprehensive Testing for a Seamless Deployment

Testing Process Overview:

At Rolling Arrays, the testing phase of SAP SuccessFactors (SF) implementation is a meticulously orchestrated process. We are aware that a smooth and happy user experience depends on a faultless deployment. The following are the main components of our testing methodology:

  1. Quality Assessments: In this initial step, our team conducts thorough quality assessments to ensure that every component of the SuccessFactors suite aligns with the predetermined standards. We thoroughly examine the security, performance, and functionality elements, taking care to provide a top-notch implementation.
  2. Governance Checks: Our testing process revolves around governance. To ensure that the SF implementation complies with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, we put strict governance checks in place. This guarantees the system’s operation as well as compliance with data governance guidelines and legal obligations.
  3. Change Control Frameworks: Change is inevitable, and our change control frameworks are designed to manage it seamlessly. We assess the system’s adaptability throughout testing to make sure that additions, upgrades, or revisions don’t interfere with its general operation. This preemptive strategy reduces post-deployment problems.

Thorough Examination of Implementation Aspects: Our commitment to flawless SF implementation goes beyond routine testing. During the testing process, we examine several implementation details in detail:

  • Functional Testing: We verify that each module and functionality within the SuccessFactors suite operates according to the specified requirements. This entails putting personnel management, work environment, and HRIS system deployment through testing scenarios.
  • Performance Testing: Ensuring optimal performance is non-negotiable. Our performance testing evaluates the stability, scalability, and responsiveness of the system in various scenarios. This ensures that the SuccessFactors solution is capable of meeting your company’s needs.
  • User Experience Testing: The end-user experience is a priority. To make sure the SuccessFactors suite is clear, easy to use, and meets the needs of your employees, we test the user experience. This action has a major beneficial impact on user adoption.
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Guaranteeing a Positive User Experience:

Our overarching goal during the testing phase is to guarantee a positive and seamless user experience. The integration of governance checks, quality assessments, and change control frameworks reduces interruptions and improves the overall efficacy of the SAP SuccessFactors installation.

At Rolling Arrays, we believe that the testing phase is not just a routine checkpoint; it’s a critical stage in ensuring the success of your HR transformation journey through SAP SuccessFactors.

How does post-implementation support contribute to the success of SAP SF deployment?

Rolling Arrays goes beyond the initial implementation phase to provide ongoing support. Our dedication to Adoption Strategies and Change Management makes sure that your integrated SAP SuccessFactors solution keeps developing to meet your business requirements. An important component of your HR transformation’s long-term success is this post-implementation assistance.

How does Rolling Arrays ensure seamless integration of SAP SuccessFactors?

At Rolling Arrays, integration is a specialty, utilizing an extensive understanding of SAP modules and the larger HR Tech scene. We guarantee data integrity and a cohesive HR environment by integrating SuccessFactors with current systems in a smooth manner. Processes are streamlined, and this integration improves overall efficiency.

Can you elaborate on the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors integration?

Integrating SuccessFactors with existing systems offers a myriad of benefits. It improves data accuracy, gets rid of silos, and gives you a comprehensive picture of your HR environment. The integration experience of Rolling Arrays guarantees that your HR procedures operate smoothly, promoting a cohesive and productive workplace.

How does Rolling Arrays approach data security during the integration process?

Security is a top priority at Rolling Arrays. We implement robust measures to ensure data security during the integration process. To protect your private HR data, our staff complies with regulatory regulations and industry best practices.

Is ongoing training provided after the SAP SuccessFactors integration?

Yes, ongoing training is an integral part of our post-integration support with Rolling Arrays, your team will be prepared to take full advantage of the integrated SuccessFactors solution. Training on upgrades, new features, and best practices is part of this.

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