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User Centric SF Change Adoption

Delivering Success Pre & Post Implementation

Investment and implementation of SAP SuccessFactors may not yield the desired ROI due to inadequate change management, both before and after deployment. The scenario is often complicated by the internal limitations of crafting compelling messaging and communication strategies around change adoption.

With a mapped group of functional and technical experts, we turn the tables to deliver user-centric SF change management, driving better adoption post-implementation. Our Change Management As A Service addresses all possible categories of change issues, drives user adaptability, and improves the ROI of your SuccessFactors investment.

The Framework Of Change Adoption

Catalyzing Contextual Changes Specific To Enterprise

We look at changes – from user maturity to systems maturity to leadership expectations through the context of the enterprise, to create value beyond generic change management, and overcome low adoption challenges.

Our Approach

For A Robust Change Management Strategy For SuccessFactors

We have developed a specific change “architecture” that begins with the development of a change strategy guided by end-user input, leading a sequence of methods of communication such as email campaigns, physical and digital media, and stakeholder workshops.

Pre Implementation

  • Drive Awareness
  • Evangelize Benefits
  • Spark Interest
  • Evangelize Key Advantages
  • Super User Training
  • Organization-wide Training
  • Communication Of Important Events

Post Implementation

  • Adoption Tracking
  • Obtain User Feedback
  • New Features to Socialize
  • Implement New Features
  • “Market” Key Events (for example, the First Performance Review Cycle)
  • Updation of Key
  • User and End User Guides

Change Adoption Enablers

Redefine The Pace Of SAP SuccessFactors Change Adoption In Your Enterprise