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The Rolling Arrays journey is cumulative of people’s growth stories. A journey celebrating lateral growth in SAP SuccessFactors expertise and freshers nurtured to be the next HR Tech Consultants. We take the steps into furthering competence, motivating to build confidence, and scripting future success stories of our people – today.

Join in our footsteps as we find your future in HR Tech.

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Exciting. Engaging. Challenging. Yet flexible and rewarding. Life at Rolling Arrays reflects diligent work and their recognition, followed by a bucket list of fun-filled activities beyond the work desk.

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Stories Of How We Empower SF Expertise

Ours is an ecosystem nurturing the future of SAP SuccessFactors enthusiasts. Explore how we scripted their journey from enthusiasm to expertise.

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Get at par with the latest technologies and best practices on the HR Tech and SAP SuccessFactors landscape. Carefully crafted learning programs focused on these topics keep our technology experts and business consultants up-to-speed with the latest trends.

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Khushboo Khetan

Chief People & Operating Officer – Rolling Arrays

Our success stems from our ‘People First’ belief. It’s a foundation that has enabled us to nurture and retain our human capital and enabled us to deliver great service to our customers consistently for the last 12 years.

June NG

Talent Acquisition Manager – Global Recruitment

Carol T

HR Tech Consulting Hiring – Singapore

N. Nurez

HR Tech Consulting Hiring – Malaysia


Talent Acquisition Manager – India

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