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Ensures smoother and more successful SAP SuccessFactors implementation

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Consulting Expertise

Aligning Best Practices with Existing HR Processes & Roles

Rolling Arrays’ SF Consulting assesses issues and challenges prior to the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in your organization.

Our purpose is to ensure a smoother and more successful SF implementation. During this stage, we also identify wider opportunities to improve the company’s HR operating model.

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Four key steps in our SF Consulting practice

Assessment Scope – At A Glance

Expertise To Script A Rollout Matched With Business Goals

While addressing HR rollout implementation, issues need to be anticipated, identified, quantified, and prioritized. Expert consultants look into this as a risk management issue as well as a readiness requirement and lead this on a structured approach to ensure a smoother implementation of new SuccessFactors and other HR technologies.

Assessing Structure and Governance

Structure & Governance

Obtaining a detailed understanding of the structure and scope of the HR function with a view to capturing major system requirements and defining a project governance model.

What we do to get there

  • Discover needs : Identify the total HR function headcount and skill mix
  • Define requirements : Meet with key stakeholders from each HR function to understand the “wish list”
  • Map HR needs to the Org : Connect the dots between HR functions and ‘internal customers’

Assessing Policies and Processes

Policies and Processes

Understanding existing HR policies and processes with high-level process flows to identify the current pain points, and gaps to the future needs of HR solution implementation.

What we do to get there

  • Gap Analysis : Develop process flows to identify pain points and gaps
  • Segmentation : Look for a degree of similarity between different user groups
  • Measure preparedness : Review grade structure and titling to assess for consistency and complexity

Assessing Data and Integration

Data and Integration

Comprehend the current HR technology landscape, interaction with other PPB systems, and current data quality to assess future required integrations and data migration needs.

What we do to get there

  • Define the scope of integration : Identify other department systems (finance, operations) that need to “talk” with HR systems
  • Check data quality : Assess available HR data, the quality of the data, elements that could/should be migrated to a new system, and what history “window” should be migrated

Deliverable As An Advisory

Thorough Report Detailing SF Change Readiness

A recommended rollout strategy by phase and by module with an estimate of timing for each phase

A recommended integration and data migration plan

Identification of significant user requirement gaps and remediation suggestions, besides process harmonization or improvement needs

Project governance model and structured KPI metrics to measure the outcome

An overall readiness assessment of the HR team and organisation

Embrace HR Solutions And Efficiency With SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Expertise

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