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SF Consulting for Augmenting SAP HRIS

Ensures smoother and more successful SAP SuccessFactors implementation with your SAP HR information system

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Aligning Best Practices with Existing HR Processes & Roles

Rolling Arrays’ SF Consulting assesses issues and challenges prior to the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in your organization.

Our purpose is to ensure a smoother and more successful SF implementation with your company’s SAP HR information system and payroll software. During this stage, we also identify wider opportunities to improve the company’s HR operating model.

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Four key steps in our SAP SF Consulting practice

Assessment Scope – At A Glance

Expertise To Script A Rollout Matched With Business Goals

While addressing your existing SAP HRIS rollout implementation, issues need to be anticipated, identified, quantified, and prioritized. Expert SAP HR HCM consultants look into this as a risk management issue as well as a readiness requirement and lead this on a structured approach to ensure a smoother implementation of new SuccessFactors and other HR technologies.

Assessing Structure and Governance

Structure & Governance

Obtaining a detailed understanding of the structure and scope of the HR function with a view to capturing major system requirements and defining a project governance model.

What we do to get there

  • Discover needs : Identify the total HR function headcount and skill mix
  • Define requirements : Meet with key stakeholders from each HR function to understand the “wish list”
  • Map HR needs to the Org : Connect the dots between HR functions and ‘internal customers’

Assessing Policies and Processes

Policies and Processes

Understanding existing HR policies and processes with high-level process flows to identify the current pain points, and gaps to the future needs of SAP HR information system implementation.

What we do to get there

  • Gap Analysis : Develop process flows to identify pain points and gaps
  • Segmentation : Look for a degree of similarity between different user groups
  • Measure preparedness : Review grade structure and titling to assess for consistency and complexity

Assessing Data and Integration

Data and Integration

Comprehend the current SAP HR information system landscape, interaction with other PPB systems, and current data quality to assess future required integrations and data migration needs.

What we do to get there

  • Define the scope of integration : Identify other department systems (finance, operations) that need to “talk” with HR systems
  • Check data quality : Assess available HR data, the quality of the data, elements that could/should be migrated to a new system, and what history “window” should be migrated

Deliverable As An Advisory

Thorough Report Detailing SF Change Readiness

A recommended rollout strategy by phase and by module with an estimate of timing for each phase

A recommended integration and data migration plan

Identification of significant user requirement gaps and remediation suggestions, besides process harmonization or improvement needs

Project governance model and structured KPI metrics to measure the outcome

An overall readiness assessment of the HR team and organisation

Embrace HR Solutions And Efficiency With SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Expertise

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What is the primary objective of SF Consulting at Rolling Arrays?

Rolling Arrays’ SF Consulting is meticulously designed to ensure a smoother and more successful implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. Our knowledgeable consultants use their in-depth knowledge of SAP modules and the state of HR technology to match best practices with current HR roles and procedures. With this all-encompassing strategy, Rolling Arrays is recognized as a reliable partner for a revolutionary HR experience.

At Rolling Arrays, our SAP HR HCM consulting services aim to redefine the HR transformation journey. We enable businesses to fully utilize SAP SuccessFactors by integrating best practices with current HR roles and procedures.

How does SF Consulting address challenges prior to SAP SuccessFactors implementation?

Before embarking on the SAP SuccessFactors journey, Rolling Arrays conducts a thorough assessment, identifying potential challenges and issues. We can successfully predict, assess, and prioritize risks thanks to this proactive strategy, which greatly enhances the likelihood that the SF implementation will be successful.

Our SF Consulting is not just about implementing SAP SuccessFactors; it’s about foreseeing and mitigating challenges before they arise.

Can you explain the key steps involved in SF Consulting practice at Rolling Arrays?

Certainly. Our SF Consulting practice involves four key steps:

1. Assessment Scope:

In the initial step, our consultants take a panoramic view of the broader context, identifying potential challenges and opportunities within your organization.

2. Expertise in Rollout Scripting:

Aligning the rollout of SAP SuccessFactors with your business goals is not just a step; it’s a strategic imperative. With their unmatched experience, our experts can write a rollout strategy that goes beyond simple execution.

3. Structure & Governance: Crafting the Blueprint for Success

Assessing HR functions, policies, processes, and data integration is the heartbeat of our SAP HR information system. Through the identification of key system needs and the development of a strong project governance framework, we create a plan that guarantees not only implementation success but also long-term operational efficiency for your HR department.

4. Deliverables: A Comprehensive Advisory Report

Our commitment to excellence is encapsulated in the deliverables of our SF Consulting practice. We provide more than just a report; we provide thorough advice that serves as your road map to success.

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How does Rolling Arrays approach Structure and governance in SF Consulting?

In our SF Consulting, we obtain a detailed understanding of the structure and scope of the HR function. This entails establishing a project governance model and listing the primary system needs. We link internal customers’ demands with HR requirements, guaranteeing a thorough and well-thought-out strategy.

Rolling Arrays approaches Structure & Governance in SF Consulting with great care. We capture the key system needs and go beyond only comprehending the organization and reach of the HR function. We also go into the finer points. Our project governance model is not just a framework; it’s a strategic blueprint that ensures the seamless integration of SAP SuccessFactors into your organization.

What do Rolling Arrays in SF Consulting provide the deliverables?

As part of our SF Consulting services, Rolling Arrays delivers a comprehensive advisory report. The information in this study covers SF change readiness, suggests a rollout strategy by module and phase, estimates the duration of each step, prepares for data transfer and integration, identifies gaps in user requirements, and presents a structured project governance model with KPI measurements.

How does Rolling Arrays assess and address HR needs during SF Consulting?

To address HR needs, Rolling Arrays follows a systematic approach:

  • Discover Needs: Determine the overall headcount and skill mix of the HR function.
  • Describe the Conditions: Meet with important stakeholders to learn about their “wish list.”
  • Map HR Needs to the Org: To ensure comprehensive knowledge, connect the links between internal customers and HR operations.

What sets Rolling Arrays' SAP SuccessFactors Consulting apart from the competition?

Rolling Arrays stands out as a SuccessFactors First organization, offering deep knowledge of SAP modules and a profound understanding of the HR Tech landscape. We are the go-to partner for SAP SuccessFactors-led HR transformation because of our tried-and-true process and more than ten years of HR Tech experience.

Rolling Arrays’ SAP SuccessFactors Consulting goes beyond the ordinary, setting new standards for excellence. Being a SuccessFactors First company, we are at the forefront of HR transformation thanks to our extensive understanding of SAP modules and the HR Tech scene.

How does Rolling Arrays ensure a successful SF implementation through SF Consulting?

Rolling Arrays ensures a successful SF implementation by providing a recommended rollout strategy, integration, and data migration plans and addressing significant user requirement gaps. Our strategy focuses on the need for process optimization, a defined project governance model with quantifiable KPI criteria, and process harmonization.

A successful SF implementation is not just about technology; it’s about a strategic and holistic approach. In addition to the smooth integration of SAP SuccessFactors, our methodology extends to the incorporation of SAP HRIS payroll software, enriching the HR solution landscape. This addition ensures that your payroll processes are not only streamlined but also seamlessly integrated into the broader HR framework.

Can you highlight the key components of the Advisory Report in SF Consulting?

The Advisory Report in SF Consulting includes:

  • SF change readiness details.
  • Rollout strategy recommendations by phase and module.
  • Estimation of timing for each phase.
  • Integration and data migration plans.
  • Identification of user requirement gaps.
  • Project governance model with structured KPI metrics.
  • Overall readiness assessment of the HR team and organization.

How can organizations embrace HR solutions and efficiency with Rolling Arrays' SAP SuccessFactors Consulting expertise?

To embrace HR solutions and efficiency, organizations can get started by reaching out to Rolling Arrays. Our experts will help you every step of the way as you navigate SAP SuccessFactors, guaranteeing a revolutionary experience for your HR procedures and general organizational effectiveness.

Embracing HR solutions and efficiency with Rolling Arrays is not just a transaction; it’s a partnership. Companies may begin their journey by contacting our knowledgeable consultants, who will guarantee a transforming experience in addition to guiding them through the complexities of SAP SuccessFactors. From aligning with best practices to optimizing HR processes, our expertise goes beyond consulting; it’s about co-creating a future where HR solutions are seamlessly integrated and organizational efficiency becomes second nature.

Partner with Rolling Arrays for SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Services to experience the pinnacle of HR transformation. Accept efficiency, conform to industry best practices, and see a smooth installation that completely changes the lifetime of your employees.

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