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The AI-First Chatbot Revolutionizing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

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Truly AI – Truly Smart

Plug-and-Play with automatic set-up.

Effortlessly set up and ready to optimize your recruitment process from the get-go. From automatic career page crawling to personalized candidate engagement and smart pre-screening, REO transforms your recruitment strategy with unparalleled efficiency and intelligence.

Empower Your Recruitment Strategy with REO


REO is an innovative AI-First chatbot solution specifically tailored for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting users.


It simplifies and enhances the recruitment process by automating candidate pre-screening, engagement, and application completion. REO’s intelligent algorithms analyze job descriptions and candidate CVs to generate personalized interactions and fitment scores, empowering recruiters to make informed decisions swiftly.


If you are a Talent Acquisition or HR leader in a company already utilizing SAP SuccessFactors, REO is an indispensable tool. It streamlines recruitment efforts, improves candidate experience, and strengthens employer branding. Built on SAP Cloud Platform and seamlessly integrated into SuccessFactors Recruiting, REO offers a seamless user experience for HR professionals, recruiters, and candidates alike.

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How REO Works

Step 1
Automatic Career Page Crawling

Automatically scans your website’s career page and portal to create personalized playbooks for each job posted via SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Step 2
Instant Candidate Engagement

Engages candidates in personalized Q&A sessions based on automatic analyses of your company’s job portal, ensuring a tailored and interactive application experience.

Step 3

Generates pre-screening questions from job descriptions and candidates’ CVs, providing fitment scores for informed decision-making by recruiters.

Step 4
Seamless Interview Scheduling

REO automates email outreach to schedule interviews, facilitates candidate-interviewer communication, and sends calendar invites, streamlining the entire process.

REO for All


Why REO Is Buzzworthy

Plug-and-play functionality eliminates configuration hassles.

Automates candidate pre-screening, simplifying the recruitment process.

Expands recruiter reach and efficiency, leading to high-quality hires.

Elevates employer branding through personalized candidate interactions.

REO in Screenshots

Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

REO takes a dual-layered approach to enhance security and maintain the integrity of your recruitment process

REO elevates a positive employer image for organisations by engaging candidates with instant responses to any queries about company culture, values, and career opportunities

REO is equipped with a seamless and simple application form filling process for candidates who indicate interest in the organisation’s job opening

REO offers recruiters with a comprehensive dashboard that pools together all candidate applications

Choose REO for a reason

Seamless Candidate Verification

Ensures security through automated email verification and bot checks, maintaining process integrity.

Elevated Employer Branding

Engages candidates with instant responses, enhancing the organization’s positive image.

Customizable Candidate Assessment

Supports recruiters with AI-First assessments, improving pre-screening efficiency.

Automated Candidate Application Process

Guides candidates through intuitive application forms, simplifying the process.

Simple Integration Capabilities

Connects seamlessly with other HR software, ensuring smooth workflow integration.

Empowered Recruitment Screening

Provides recruiters with comprehensive candidate insights for informed decision-making.

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