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3 Years With #TeamRA Means A Sorted SF Career Growth Story For Consultants

  • 12 years of SAP SuccessFactors Consulting expertise
  • Challenging SF projects that build and test lateral skills of SF functional experts
  • A culture that rewards SF Consultants on knowledge and consulting expertise
    Converge these and you have a proven landscape that accelerates the careers of SF lateral experts, within a few years time – Team Rolling Arrays.

Candidates get to work on specialized SF projects, based on the career trajectory of their interest.

Over the years, our SF opportunities have catapulted many careers against similar positions in large-scale IT enterprises. Let us demonstrate rather than talk about where we have differentiated ourselves.

Voice Of Consultants Who Grew To Be SAP SuccessFactors Experts

Build Your Successful SF Career with Rolling Arrays

Your Skill Upgrade Program With #TeamRA

Your Skill Upgrade Program With #TeamRA

Be a full-stack HR Technology Consultant

Get assigned a few skill bundles from the stack and develop your skills as an HR Business Process Consultant. Engage with customers on a process level conversation instead of module level.

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Get placed and go places with #TeamRA

Get selected for specific base locations – Singapore, Malaysia, or India

Once selected, you’ll have the option to prefer a location, as per your profile and respective openings

Once located, you can opt for an internal transfer to another location, based on your skills and resource requirements in other locations.

A glimpse of #TeamRA’s rewards and recognition framework

Our values are growth oriented, and we appreciate every move you make. The program provides opportunities for laterals to step into different shoes and lead the way for HR Transformations.

Walk Towards a Successful SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Career. Step into the Rolling Arrays World.