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  • A culture that rewards SF Consultants on knowledge and consulting expertise
    Converge these and you have a proven landscape that accelerates the careers of SF lateral experts, within a few years time – Team Rolling Arrays.

Candidates get to work on specialized SF projects, based on the career trajectory of their interest.

Over the years, our SF opportunities have catapulted many careers against similar positions in large-scale IT enterprises. Let us demonstrate rather than talk about where we have differentiated ourselves.

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Your Skill Upgrade Program With #TeamRA

Your Skill Upgrade Program With #TeamRA

Be a full-stack HR Technology Consultant

Get assigned a few skill bundles from the stack and develop your skills as an HR Business Process Consultant. Engage with customers on a process level conversation instead of module level.

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Once located, you can opt for an internal transfer to another location, based on your skills and resource requirements in other locations.

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Our values are growth oriented, and we appreciate every move you make. The program provides opportunities for laterals to step into different shoes and lead the way for HR Transformations.

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How does Rolling Arrays contribute to SAP SuccessFactors career development planning for consultants?

At Rolling Arrays, we understand the importance of a well-defined career path. Our Align, Automate, and Adopt Methodology serves as the foundation for our SuccessFactors career development planning. By providing consultants with demanding projects, opportunities to develop their skills, and a strong basis for a prosperous career in SAP SuccessFactors, this methodical strategy guarantees their advancement.

Why is Rolling Arrays recognized as the best company for SAP SuccessFactors SF career progression?

Rolling Arrays stands out as the industry leader, boasting a remarkable 10+ years of successful track record and clinching over 20 awards, including the prestigious SAP SuccessFactors Best Partner Award. With a varied customer base of more than 150 Blue Chip businesses and a record of more than 200 successful HR transformation projects, we offer SAP SuccessFactors consultants unmatched possibilities to advance in their careers.

What distinguishes Rolling Arrays in terms of SAP SuccessFactors career development planning and progression?

  • HR Tech Expertise: With over a decade of experience, Rolling Arrays is a trailblazer in SAP SuccessFactors consulting, merging deep knowledge of SAP modules with a comprehensive understanding of the HR Tech landscape.
  • Awards and Recognition: Our numerous accolades, including the SAP SuccessFactors Best Partner Award, underline our commitment to delivering exceptional consulting services.
  • Customer Success Stories: Explore our customer success stories to witness firsthand the transformative impact of our SAP SuccessFactors services.

How does Rolling Arrays support SAP SuccessFactors consultants on their career journey?

  • Skill Upgrade Program: Our consultants participate in a comprehensive Skill Upgrade Program, becoming full-stack HR Technology Consultants. This methodology facilitates interactive dialogues with clients at the process level, surpassing simple module-level proficiency.
  • Global Opportunities: Join #TeamRA and explore global opportunities in Singapore, Malaysia, or India. Select your base location and take advantage of internal transfers that are flexible enough to accommodate your changing skill and resource needs.
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Can you share insights from consultants who grew to be SAP SuccessFactors Experts at Rolling Arrays?

Rolling Arrays takes pride in numerous success stories where consultants have accelerated their careers through specialized SAP SuccessFactors projects. Our culture values knowledge and consulting experience, offering a tested environment for quick career advancement in a matter of years.

How does Rolling Arrays differentiate its SAP SuccessFactors services in terms of Change Management and Support?

Change Management:

We add value during and after SAP SuccessFactors implementation, driving awareness, supporting adoption, collecting feedback, and configuring new features for a seamless transition. See more details of SAP SF specific Change Management here.

Support (AMS):

Application Management Support (AMS) for SAP SuccessFactors is an integral part of the AAA (Align Automate Adopt) methodology, specifically designed to smoothen the Adopt phase. Post go-live, AMS ensures organizations extract maximum value from their SuccessFactors investment. With Secondary Support, Dual-hat Support, and Dedicated Support, it offers a comprehensive support structure, including Business As Usual (BAU) Support, Change Request Management, and System Optimization. The three-tiered support system ensures efficient issue resolution and effective management of change requests, system optimization, and systematic SF release management, enabling organization to navigate updates and enhance the SuccessFactors systems continuously.

With the help of our Support Platform and proactive Change Management and Adoption Strategies, guarantee optimal SF use after integration.

How can one apply to join #TeamRA and embark on a successful SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Career?

  • Apply Now: If you’re ready for a challenging and rewarding career in SAP SuccessFactors consulting, apply now through our website.
  • Location Preference: Once selected, choose your base location among Singapore, Malaysia, or India, with the flexibility for internal transfers based on your evolving skills and resource requirements.

How does Rolling Arrays foster a culture of continuous learning for SAP SuccessFactors consultants?

Training and Development Initiatives:

We support making investments in the professional development of our consultants. In order to keep our SAP SuccessFactors consultants abreast of market developments and cutting-edge technological advancements, Rolling Arrays regularly sponsors training and development programs.

Mentorship Programs:

Consultants may obtain valuable insights, advice, and practical expertise to effectively traverse their SAP SuccessFactors career pathways by participating in mentorship programs, which connect them with experienced experts.

Skill-Building Workshops:

Regular workshops are conducted, focusing on developing both technical and soft skills. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that our consultants are competent experts prepared to take on the many issues involved in SAP SuccessFactors consulting.

How does Rolling Arrays foster diversity and inclusion within its SAP SuccessFactors consulting teams?

Inclusive Hiring Practices:

Rolling Arrays is committed to creating a diverse workplace. Our inclusive recruiting procedures guarantee that talent—regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background—is acknowledged and welcomed, creating a vibrant and cooperative work environment for SAP SuccessFactors consultants.

Employee Resource Groups:

We encourage the formation of employee resource groups, providing a platform for SAP SuccessFactors consultants to connect, share experiences, and contribute to a culture of inclusion.

Diversity Training Programs:

Our SAP SuccessFactors consulting teams often participate in diversity training programs that raise awareness and foster understanding. This strategy makes sure that our consultants flourish in a setting that respects and promotes individuality.

What measures does Rolling Arrays take to ensure diversity and inclusion in its SAP SuccessFactors consulting teams?

  • Diversity in recruiting Panels: Rolling Arrays guarantees diversity in recruiting panels, fostering objective hiring procedures that take into account a range of viewpoints.
  • Equal Opportunity Programs: We have established equal opportunity programs, providing a level playing field for all SAP SuccessFactors consultants to thrive and contribute.
  • Mentorship Programs: Our SAP SuccessFactors consulting teams foster a professional growth environment by offering mentorship programs that are tailored to underrepresented groups.

How does Rolling Arrays support SAP SuccessFactors consultants in maintaining a work-life balance while ensuring career progression?

  • Flexibility in Work Arrangements: Rolling Arrays understands the importance of work-life balance. We provide flexible work schedules so SAP SuccessFactors professionals may successfully balance their personal and professional lives.
  • Wellness Programs: We put our consultants’ physical and emotional well-being first, which promotes a positive and productive work environment.
  • Career Growth without Burnout: Consultants can experience career progression without sacrificing their well-being, fostering a sustainable and fulfilling career journey.
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