SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Powered by Qualtrics

With Rolling Arrays, Southeast Asia’s first accredited Qualtrics reseller and delivery partner

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What we do

  • Interview Key Stakeholders in the organization
  • Craft EXM Strategy
  • Agree on Survey Themes & Cadence


What we do

  • Curate Surveys
  • Launch and Manage Surveys
  • Implement and Maintain Qualtrics


What we do

  • Collate Results & Debrief stakeholders
  • Conduct Focus Groups
  • Craft Action Plans
  • Refine XM Strategy

Leverage our deep HR expertise in deploying Qualtrics experience management solution

Multifold Delight Across Your Customer Experience Journey.

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With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you get the power of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, and full closed-loop actioning capabilities, so you can acquire a comprehensive picture of your customers’ experiences and take the accurate actions that deliver meaningful impact.

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Improve employee engagement and experiences and make it a culture.

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Leverage Employee XM to track employee experiences and record feedback for necessary enhancement measures for better talent planning, productivity, and creativity.

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Turn your brand into an experience that the world shares.

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Shift into a dynamic universe of brand experiences to build unwavering loyalty and grow sales, with Brand XM for holistic brand views, capturing trends, and decisions that make lasting impressions.

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Enhance end-end experiences across the product lifecycle.

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Bring more power into your product development with Product XM. Find and fix dysfunctional experiences in the development cycle and accelerate GTMs with certainty for products that resonate.

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Advanced market research prowess in one single platform.

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Bring breakthrough experiences in market research as DesignXM brings together user feedback, complex research methodology, and analytics in one place, with tools to create experiences that fuel innovative products.

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A single system of action for experience management, with customer insights at the core.

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Begin Experience Management by laying the proper foundations on customer insights. Core XM converges everything from customer analytics to market segmentation, resolving poor experiences across the organization.

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How does Rolling Arrays excel in SuccessFactors Human Experience Management?

Rolling Arrays is a trailblazer in the realm of SuccessFactors Human Experience Management, boasting a rich legacy of over a decade marked by the successful delivery of SAP SuccessFactors-led HR Transformation projects. Our methodology is not only transactional; rather, it is a strategic commitment to the AlignXM, AutomateXM, and AdoptXM approaches, which guarantee the smooth integration of Qualtrics XM services with SAP SuccessFactors. This holistic approach is meticulously crafted to enhance every facet of the employee lifecycle, from talent management to workplace experiences and HRIS solution implementation.

What makes Rolling Arrays the Best Partner to Implement Qualtrics XM Services?

When it comes to implementing Qualtrics XM services, Rolling Arrays stands as Southeast Asia’s first accredited Qualtrics reseller and delivery partner. In addition to being a trailblazer, what sets us apart is our track record, which has been recognized with more than 20 distinguished honors, such as the SAP SuccessFactors Best Partner Award. This accolade signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence and positions us as the unequivocal best partner for organizations seeking to optimize their experience management journey.

How does Rolling Arrays simplify Experience Management for organizations?

Rolling Arrays transforms the often complex landscape of Experience Management into an effortlessly easy journey for organizations. We conduct in-depth stakeholder interviews, develop EXM strategies, and choose survey questions under the auspices of AlignXM, AutomateXM, and AdoptXM. It’s not just about surveys—we can use our extensive HR knowledge to provide businesses with a customized Qualtrics experience management solution. As a consequence, each organization’s specific demands are met by a thorough and smooth integration.

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Can you elaborate on the Qualtrics CustomerXM capabilities provided by Rolling Arrays?

Rolling Arrays empowers organizations with a robust set of capabilities under Qualtrics CustomerXM. This features comprehensive closed-loop actioning capabilities, analytics, and the best listening engine available. Our objective is to provide businesses with a 360-degree perspective of the experiences of their clients. This comprehensive insight equips businesses to take accurate actions that not only meet customer expectations but also deliver a meaningful impact on the overall customer journey.

How does Rolling Arrays contribute to improving employee engagement through Employee XM?

Employee engagement is not just a goal, it’s a culture cultivated by Rolling Arrays through Employee XM. We do more than just keep tabs on employee experiences; we also gather feedback and carry out the required improvement actions. This all-encompassing strategy includes improved talent planning, higher output, and the promotion of a more innovative workplace. Rolling Arrays recognizes that a successful business is built on its workforce, and Employee XM is the means to bring about this cultural change.

How does Rolling Arrays shape a dynamic universe of brand experiences with Brand XM?

Shift into a dynamic universe of brand experiences with Rolling Arrays’ Brand XM services. By offering comprehensive brand insights, spotting trends, and leaving a lasting impression, we contribute to increasing sales and fostering steadfast loyalty. With our custom Brand XM solutions, you can transform your brand into a global experience.

In what ways does Rolling Arrays enhance end-to-end experiences across the product lifecycle with Product XM?

Rolling Arrays brings more power into your product development with Product XM. We pinpoint and rectify unsatisfactory encounters within the development process, expediting go-to-market plans with assurance for items that strike a chord. Utilize Rolling Arrays’ experience to improve your product lifecycle experiences.

How does Rolling Arrays simplify SuccessFactors Human Experience Management with AlignXM?

AlignXM Strategy for Seamless Human Experience Management

Rolling Arrays pioneers SuccessFactors Human Experience Management with AlignXM, a strategy designed for seamless integration. We streamline the procedure as follows:

  • Key Stakeholders: Our experts conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to understand organizational nuances.
  • Craft EXM Strategy: We craft a tailored Experience Management (EXM) strategy aligned with your business goals.
  • Agree on Survey Themes & Cadence: Collaboratively, we agree on survey themes and a cadence that ensures continuous improvement and adaptation.

Experience management is now super easy with AlignXM, ensuring your organization’s human experience management is not only efficient but also strategically aligned.

What differentiates Rolling Arrays as the Best Partner for SAP SuccessFactors Qualtrics XM Services?

Rolling Arrays is not just a partner; we are your strategic ally in implementing SAP SuccessFactors Qualtrics XM Services. This is why we are unique:

  • Deep HR Expertise: Leverage our profound HR expertise to deploy Qualtrics experience management solutions tailored to your organizational needs.
  • Accredited Reseller: We provide a distinct degree of credibility and experience as the first Qualtrics reseller and delivery partner in Southeast Asia.
  • Get a Demo: Experience the power of Qualtrics XM services firsthand. To see the impact on your organization, request a demo.

Rolling Arrays is committed to being the best partner for your Qualtrics journey, ensuring optimal utilization and transformative results.

How does Rolling Arrays Maximize the Features of Qualtrics through Multifold Delight?

Rolling Arrays takes your Qualtrics experience to new heights, ensuring you maximize every feature. Here’s how we achieve multifold delight:

  • Qualtrics CustomerXM: Acquire a comprehensive picture of your customer’s experiences with the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence, and analytics.
  • Employee XM: Enhance the experiences and engagement of staff members, transforming it into a culture that includes feedback channels for productivity, innovation, and talent planning.
  • Brand XM: Shift into a dynamic universe of brand experiences, building loyalty and sales through holistic brand views and trend capturing.
  • Product XM: Improve end-to-end experiences throughout the lifespan of the product, making sure that dysfunctional experiences are reliably detected and corrected.

With Rolling Arrays as your one-stop shop for Qualtrics Experience Management, experience management is more than simply a procedure—it’s an enjoyable trip.

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