Centralized Document Management App, Built for SAP SuccessFactors

Manage employee documents in one place without replicating them and with same permissions. Embedded in SAP SuccessFactors for a smooth user experience.

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Employee document management solution built for SAP SuccessFactors

What ?

ePFile is a cost effective Employee Document Management add-on solution for SAP SuccessFactors customers.

Why ?

ePFile offers a plug-and-play solution that reduces implementation time and cost. It provides quick access to employee documents across SAP SuccessFactors modules, leveraging secure storage and permissions for enhanced data management and eliminating document duplication and access control issues.

Who ?

If you are or going to be a SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module user, ePFile is a seamless extension build on SAP Cloud platform to simplify employee-related paperwork in a simple, efficient and digital way.

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How ePFile works

Helps you collate all employee documents in one place

Retrieves documents from SF

ePFile displays all documents stored in SF, including those generated within SF.

Set Additional Permissions

ePFile provides the flexibility to grant permissions beyond SF’s RBP (Role-Based Permissions).

Organize documents

Super users can define the folder structure, and users can easily search, sort, and filter documents.

Export and Import documents

Users can download and bulk import documents conveniently using ePFile.

ePfile in Screenshots

Simplified employee document management for SAP SuccessFactors

Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors

Folders structure of employee documents – aligned to the company’s design.

Avoid navigating diverse modules for a document. ePFile consolidates documents in a single location and under logical subfolders.

The target search function within a specific employee file allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Effortless bulk document uploading

Allows easy search of all documents in the system for faster access to information.


Smart Search

Use smart search features and fast-track the identification of a specific document or type of documents.

Customizable Workspace

Document structure reorganization maintains the SF structure and mapping, allowing for document categorization pulled from SF and folder-to-category mapping in ePFile for efficient document taxonomy

Easy Bulk Upload

Easy and direct insertion of multiple documents into SF

Automated Document Generation

Automating the storage of SF-generated documents in ePFile

Audit Trail

Tracking and recording all downloaded documents through ePFile

Docusign Integration

Seamless integration of Docusign with SF for recruiting/onboarding, with searchable final documents in ePFile.

Choose ePFile for a reason

Cloud Solution (SAAS) deployed on SAP Cloud Platform Single sign-on (SSO) with SAP SuccessFactors


Get full employee document management capabilities in one repository.

Secure access

Access documents based on the permissions defined in SAP SuccessFactors

Go green

ePFile eliminates the need for paper-based documentation – helping you drive sustainability.

Single Repository – Simple Experience

Easing End-to-end Of HR Document Management

ePFile – From Our Client’s Perspective

Reviewed As A Trusted Employee Document Management Solution

White paper

ePfile White paper
Simplify how you view, add, update and delete employee documents in SAP SuccessFactors

ePFile -FAQ

How long does it take to implement ePFile?

Implementation for ePFile typically takes 2-4 weeks as it natively connects to SAP SuccessFactors to
pull document categories and role based permissions.

Are there any prerequisite SuccessFactors modules to implement ePFile?

Because ePFile pulls documents from SuccessFactors modules, as long as customer has a module
implemented and is storing files through that module, ePFile will be able to manage those documents.

Can we mass upload files into the solution?

No, because each employee p-file needs to be tagged to an employee. In addition, there may be
different workflows for each document being uploaded.

Who will implement these add-ons for customers outside of Singapore and Malaysia?

As these solutions are built specifically for SuccessFactors and are directly integrated via BTP, EC
consultants should be able to implement. Rolling Arrays will step in to assist in the implementation of
these solutions at no additional cost.

How do the licenses work for ePFile? By active users?

Yes, licenses and pricing are solely per user.

Are you also able to integrate with Work Zone to be surfaced through API on UI Cards ?

We’re working towards this – expect to see this in the near future.

Have you done any implementation of this solution for PH customers?

Not yet, however we are more than happy to do so if there is a requirement (:

Are there any prerequisite SuccessFactors modules to implement ePFile?

Since ePFile pulls documents from SuccessFactors modules, as long as customer has a module
implemented and is storing files through that module, ePFile will be able to manage those documents.

Contractually, will add-ons be signed on SAP paper or Rolling Arrays paper?

For now, add-ons are signed on Rolling Arrays paper until it is available on SAP price list. However,
we are very flexible with our contracting.

Is it in the roadmap to make the user experience appear more aligned with SAP SuccessFactors?

Yes. We have updated the UI in the past to fit the previous SuccessFactors UI. Now that there is a
new Reimagined UI, we intend to update to keep up with SuccessFactors, once that rollout is finalized
and stable.

What is the target market or positioning of this product - Mid-Market or Enterprise?

Because ePFile is an extension of SAP SuccessFactors and is priced on a per employee basis, we
find that pricing typically clocks in significantly lower than with other document management tools.
From an SAP angle, both Mid-Market and Enterprise are solid spaces to tap on if a customer meets
the profile above.

Is there a limit to the storage space?

No additional storage is required, since all the documents are stored in SAP SuccessFactors already.

What are the unique selling points of ePFile when compared with OpenText?

ePFile is integrated with SuccessFactors, making it easier to organise all of your organisation
documents stored withing SuccessFactors already. It is also lower in cost when compared to
OpenText. For a more detailed comparison between ePFile and OpenText, please refer here.