Centralized Document Management App, Built for SAP SuccessFactors

Manage employee documents in one place without replicating them and with same permissions. Embedded in SAP SuccessFactors for a smooth user experience.

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Employee document management solution built for SAP SuccessFactors

What ?

ePFile is a cloud-based solution that gives you a smart way of maintaining a centralized repository of employee documents.

Why ?

Eliminates paper-based records management and safeguards digital records. It allows you to track access and search all employee records and data easily. ePFile leverages SAP SuccessFactors storage and permissions to ensure there is no document duplication or access control mismatch.

Who ?

If you are or going to be a SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module user, ePFile is a seamless extension build on SAP Cloud platform to simplify employee-related paperwork in a simple, efficient and digital way.

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How ePFile works

Helps you collate all employee documents in one place

Create and edit documents

ePFile lets users create and edit documents. It also lets super users approve/reject documents

Sort and view

ePFile lets you sort documents by an entity, individual employee, or category.

Set permissions for documents

Set viewing permissions by document type or user attributes

Export documents

ePFile allows users to export documents for local usage

ePfile in Screenshots

Simplified employee document management for SAP SuccessFactors

Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors

Folders structure of employee documents – aligned to the company’s design.

Avoid navigating diverse modules for a document. ePFile consolidates documents in a single location and under logical subfolders.

The target search function within a specific employee file allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Selection of users and role-based access to all of their documents.

Allows easy search of all documents in the system for faster access to information.


Document Storage

Document Retrieval from SAP SuccessFactors

ESS / MSS / HR Admin Service

Shared Workspace

Templates – Document Creation

Mass Import

Choose ePFile for a reason

Cloud Solution (SAAS) deployed on SAP Cloud Platform Single sign-on (SSO) with SAP SuccessFactors


Get full employee document management capabilities in one repository.

Secure access

Access documents based on the permissions defined in SAP SuccessFactors

Go green

ePFile eliminates the need for paper-based documentation – helping you drive sustainability.

Single Repository – Simple Experience

Easing End-to-end Of HR Document Management

White paper

ePfile White paper
Simplify how you view, add, update and delete employee documents in SAP SuccessFactors