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Mount Faber Leisure Group: Using CICO to improve Operational Efficiency

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Mount Faber Leisure Group: Using CICO to improve Operational Efficiency

Jul 12, 2021 Singapore

Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) is one of Singapore’s leading operators of leisure & lifestyle services. Its portfolio of products and services include the Singapore Cable Car, Wings of Time, Sentosa Island Bus Tour, Gai Gai Tour, Mount Faber Peak, Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro, Dusk Restaurant & Bar, Good Old Days Food Court & Western Grill, FUN Shop, Cable Car Gift Shop and Faber Licence.

The Clock-in Clock-out (CICO) solution helps accelerate our digital transformation journey and enhances our efficiency by providing real-time data.
HR Department, Mount Faber Leisure Group

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About CICO


CICO is a product of Rolling Arrays

A new-age mobile app to replace commonly-touched hardware devices for time capturing and to enable operational decision-making using real-time CI-CO data and intelligent alerts. on marketplace.


The goal of Mount Faber Leisure Group was to achieve operational efficiency.

  • They needed a solution for time-in and time-out, that also captures location.
  • A solution that uses real-time data and intelligent warnings to replace commonly-touched hardware devices for time recording and enable operational decision-making was required.


The Clock-in-Clock-out (CICO) solution’s unique features were beneficial in the following ways:

  • Rolling Arrays implemented a CICO solution, allowing MFLG’s staff to Clock-in Clock-out using a GPS-based app on their mobile devices, saving physical infrastructure expenses.
  • In the event of a network outage, designated supervisors can generate a QR code for staff to use. There are also certain auditing features that may be used to keep track of staff that have CICO via QR codes.


  • The implementation of the CICO solution made everyday operations easier and proved to be convenient for staff.
  • CICO’s solution also resulted in lower physical infrastructure investments for time recording and allows users to make operational decisions based on real-time CI-CO data and intelligent warnings.

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