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We Help You Foresee and Mitigate Potential Challenges

Based on a decade of our HR automation expertise, we have built a unique implementation methodology that is proven, agile, scalable, and helps realize business value in just weeks. Our experience enables us to recommend and deploy HR software mapped to your HR processes and best for your business’s current and future needs.

A Solution Best-Fit For Your Business Needs

Whether you are implementing HRIS first time or migrating from older provider to new one, we can enable you to transform your HR in most efficient way. Rolling Arrays implementation methodology is built using the combined past experiences, lessons learned and best practices, which are optimized for HR system deployment. We ensure that our clients have the best solution to fit their needs and budget whether it is:


Interactive HR System Implementation

Distinct Stages

We bring together the talent, technology and implementation tools to achieve a sustainable HR Transformation and to maximize the value of the HR systems. We have successfully implemented cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions. Our implementation methodology is designed to optimize the journey from Prepare to Deploy:




. Communication
. Training
. Testing
. Risk Management
. Support





During go-live support, project team answers questions, solve issues and provide support in transition. Once the project is closed the System Customer Support team will provide system related support.

A Solution Best-Fit For Your Business Needs

HR Transformation requires a systematic and timely approach to discovery, alignment, and automation

Implementation Timeline Considerations

The timeline for HR implementations can vary greatly depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Functional Requirements / Products
  • Number of unique processes, plans, and forms across the HR department & business
  • Number of countries and languages supported
  • Number of Phases – Global Design versus Individual Projects
  • Technical Requirements – Integrations, Data Migration, Reporting
  • Customer resource availability
  • The overlap across process areas

* Typical implementations can go anywhere from 8 to over 24 weeks, depending on the factors listed here.

Implementation Roadmap

We create an implementation strategy roadmap for each project to lay the foundation for successful HR transformation and the achieving the business value from HR system implementation. The key benefits are:


Understand Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment (ROI) scenarios


Establish business and HR objectives


Prioritize and align key stakeholders


Identify specific set of steps and a high-level project plan to execute before, during and after the implementation


Optimize technology expectation and configuration Conduct detailed Business and Technology Workshops

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