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Natively built for SAP SuccessFactors. Embedded in SF Learning Module (LMS).

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eAuthoring enables creating and publishing courses in SAP SuccessFactors

What ?

eAuthoring is a SAP SuccessFactors LMS module add-on, that enables business/project owners to create and publish their own courses on the SAP SuccessFactors platform.

Why ?

eAuthoring add-on gives you the power to create custom content and enables you to address specific learning needs in your organization.

Who ?

If you are or going to use a SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management module, and your organization desires to capture tacit knowledge of the business

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How eAuthoring works

Three simple steps to self authoring unique enterprise knowledge

Create Course

Design the course as per specific business and training needs from course category, details, segments and overall course flow.

Add Content

Use various content formats from text, image, audio to video and add assessments

Publish and manage

Publish the course and manage seamlessly from SAP SuccessFactors Learning module

Ease Of Use For Creators

Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors

Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)

A functional interface that clearly shows the course of action you should consider for course creation.

Easy interface and instructions to guide content creators through the authoring.

Video/audio editing features like trim, cut, paste, increase speed/volume, insert picture/transition, etc.

Different assessment question formats can be set up to test learner knowledge building.

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Additional Features To Improve Publishing And Learning


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Capture your organisation’s tacit knowledge by authoring your own courses on SAP SuccessFactors