Qualtrics Employee XM

Improve employee experience and drive better engagement

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Rolling Arrays becomes the First Certified Qualtrics Partner In The South East Asia

Manage employee experience and drive a better culture


Qualtrics Employee XM is a comprehensive experience management solution.


Know how your employees feel about coming to the office, taking a break, asking permission for leaves, or even quitting the company.


You are or going to use SAP SuccessFactors and looking for a robust employee experience feedback solution integrated with SuccessFactors

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Know enough about the moments that matter

Differentiating EXM Implementation With Our Approach


  • Interview Key Stakeholders in the organization
  • Craft EXM Strategy
  • Agree on Survey Themes and Cadence


  • Curate Surveys
  • Launch and Manage Surveys
  • Implement and Maintain Qualtrics


  • Collate Results and Debrief stakeholders
  • Conduct Focus Groups
  • Craft Action Plans
  • Refine XM Strategy

Choose Qualtrics Employee XM for a reason

Capture feedback on-the-go

Collect ongoing feedback from every employee so that the necessary measures can be taken.

Take necessary actions

Enhance engagement, talent planning, productivity, and creativity – based on the feedback.

Prioritize your employees

Find out what employees think about your processes and prioritize their needs.

How We’re Creating Value With EXM

How We’re Creating Value With EXM

EXM Capabilities

Rapidly establishing professional EXM capabilities for HR functions without the need to build an internal team.

Capable Advisory

Advisory to optimally leverage the features of Qualtrics

Complete EXM Access

Full access to our EXM consultancy and team expertise

EXM Resources

Library of EXM specific technical resources

Survey Implementation

Superior implementation of Qualtrics, survey curation and management, and results debriefs and action planning

EXM Partnership

Capable partnership ecosystem to further enterprise EXM capabilities

Redefine Employee Experience on Our In-depth Qualtrics XM Expertise