Key Business Drivers for an evolving role of HR

Key Business Drivers for an evolving role of HR



Evolving Role of HR

A need for superior HR processes – is growing within organizations and can only be achieved by creating high quality work environment through consistency. HR processes are often tedious and cumbersome rather than taking a dynamic approach to creating a meaningful dialogue with employees and making effective decisions about talent.

Experienced HRs have an idea of what it takes to make a good quality work environment but it all boils down to strongly accepting methods to sustain more productive conversation and talent decisions. One such example is using cloud technology for talent management as it is flexible, easy to use and accessible from any corner of the world. Cloud computing works in a similar fashion as the GPS system, giving clear directions to the leaders at the right time in the format required to help them make better real-time decisions. Cloud computing helps HR professionals to make use of the information hiding behind spreadsheets and tons of data by streamlining into goals and actions while complying to all business norms. The only way to sustain business success is through consistent development by the right people focusing in the right direction.

HR’s new role is to contribute to the business through 2 basic functions of personnel management and business execution.

  • Personnel Management – Takes care if all legal and law enforcement issues are covered. These are more administrative functions like payroll, healthcare benefits, annual and sick leaves, all legal documentation of the employee from the time they are interviewed to the time they exit the company. Even though personnel management is essential for a company, yet it is never given the due importance by business leaders till it does not work. But, automating these processes gives room to HR professionals to think strategically and business like rather than stay indulgent in sorting administrative work.
  • Business Execution – relates to talent management processes that help foster business results from the workforce. Get the right people at the right jobs and retaining them by keeping their employees engaged. Business execution usually gets ignored by HR professionals in light of being caught in administering day to day functions.

Business Drivers

Each business driver will have a different effect on your business depending at which stage you are of your business cycle. One or more factors will play their role in business success at any given time. Developing HR processes to address these six drivers is critical to maintaining long term performance.

Alignment – The top management needs to spend time in defining their organizational goals and objectives with the Human resources to align each department’s goals and purpose with that of the organization. When employees are aware and aligned with the organizations strategic goals and successes will push employees to work harder and motivate much more and learn more.

Efficiency – is achieved when the right people are fit in to the right jobs, resulting in quick response time, and achieving individual and departmental goals with fewer resources. Therefore, organizations that excel are the ones who invest the most on employees and quality talent as they will be the most valuable to the organization in the long run.

Scalability – Businesses need to be flexible in order to shift their strategies around according to market trends. When organizations are scalable, they rely on their effective systems to locate and deploy resources as and when needed. In an aggressive business market, reallocating internal resources efficiently is also categorized as scalability.

Productivity – is all about the gap between what you need to do and what is actually achieved. Employees are responsible for bringing the results which the organizations set out for them to achieve. In order to evaluate productivity, incentive and reward systems are developed by the human resources to evaluate performance of employees and motivate them to keep working harder.

Sustainability – every business at the start focuses on achieving results but overlooks the unplanned losses that the organization bears by not being able to sustain key talent that is the focus of achieving strategic goals. In order for organizations to be sustainable, they need to develop systems, which can easily predict, manage and control the employee turnover.

Governance – is all about creating processes to guarantee that employees are not excluded from organizational opportunities, preventing them from gaining short-term results through unfair means, prevent unethical, or unsafe behavior. Companies need to use consistent and well-defined processes to hire and manage talent based on values and beliefs. Good corporate governance is on a constant watch-out for legal changes to business rules and employee rules and obligations.


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