AI-Enabled Expense Management Solution for Enterprises​

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Reimburse Highlight

Reimburse is an AI enabled software build on SAP Cloud Platform for SAP SuccessFactors customers to streamline end to end expense and travel process and eliminate duplicate and non-compliant expense approvals.



  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • OCR (Image/​Receipt Reader)​
  • Travel Advance
  • Travel Authorization & Requests​


  • Audit Trials
  • Duplicate Receipt Detection
  • Policy Inspector
  • Real-time Data & Reports​
  • Integrated with​ Finance Systems​


  • Dynamic ​Rule Engine​
  • Multi Country​ & Org Setup
  • Custom Approval Workflow


  • Pre-integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)​
  • Cloud Solution (SAAS) deployed on SAP Cloud Platform​
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with SAP SuccessFactors​
  • Published on SAP Store
  • SAP Certified

Concur vs Reimburse

Expense management options for SAP SuccessFactors

Features Reimburse Concur
Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Reimburse's data structure is built for Employee Central, the core HR module in SF, hence no external integration is required Concur and SAP SuccessFactors are two systems that require initial setup for external system integration and ongoing maintenance to maintain data flow
System Implementation Any SF Partner with EC capabilities can sell and implement - all configuration screens are similar to those in the EC module, so no additional training is required for EC consultants to implement Reimburse Dependency on a separate Concur consultant team for implementation
Sales Cycle Shorter as eClaims is a requirement that many HR teams need to manage, which means Reimburse can be bundled together with SF Longer as there is dependency on separate Concur team to run sales cycle in parallel with SuccessFactors sales cycle
Sales Quota 3.2 * 15% = 48% of ACV as per latest SAP rules on partner apps 0%
Pricing Typically much more affordable as licenses are based solely on number of users, not number of expense reports. Lower in cost. Free implementation charge. Pricing for Concur is based on an individual user's expense report volume which can add up
Important Features Comparison
Expense Claim Yes Yes
Travel Request Travel managers can use Reimburse to manage travel claims, including support for advance disbursements and per diem structures Travel managers retain control while also granting employees their freedom.
Receipt Management OCR technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and automates all processes of receipt capture and management in a central repository. The expense reporting process can be streamlined and made more efficient by capturing spending data from a variety of sources, using that data to inform budgetary planning and decision-making, and promptly paying out employees for their expenses.
Approval Inbox Yes Yes
Delegation Management Yes No
Petty Cash Management Yes No
Expense & Travel Administration Rules and Permission Yes N/A
Audit & Advanced Reports Generate real-time actionable reports to monitor spending habits and guarantee compliance with built-in audit trails that flag claims violating predetermined policies. benefit from in-depth analysis, reports, and insights into company spending so you can make smarter, faster decisions.
Quick-view and flexibility Reimburse is designed with a mobile-first philosophy, where users can interact with the claims systems including scanning receipts in real-time and have their expenses automatically filled in with optical character recognition (OCR) technology Submit expense reports, manage travel, and approve invoices on the go with the SAP Concur Mobile App.
Integration Capabilities – Pre-integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Complete functional and technical components that are pre-integrated with SAP HR (Successfactors) and SAP Finance systems. Integration with SAP SuccessFactors requires additional measures.


Seamlessly Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)

Traffic Light feature to auto-validate against expense policies

Manage requests, claims, approvals and delegations on the go

Simply scan and save receipts in receipt library and claim at ease