Setting Up A Suitable HRIS

Running small businesses is no small task. HR can get as unorganized & messy as any other business. When it comes to HR software, the most well-known offerings are often impractical for all but the bigger companies. What’s out there for small businesses? Rolling Arrays helps small businesses set up their Human Resource Information System they can actually use, at a price they can afford.

Rolling Arrays’ Recommendation keeping the requirement of scalability of the systems & budget of the small enterprises is to go for a cloud-based model with their payroll process outsourced. This would help you focus on your core & strategic HR without having to worry about the payroll & litigation. A cloud model will lower the hardware and incidental costs reducing the overall cost of ownership.

*Note: The below table is a recommendation but the final design shall be proposed after RA team does a Transform and Align mapping before automating with the required HR software modules.

On Cloud On premise Outsourced
Recruit null
Onboard null
Administer null
Perform null
Reward null null
Develop null
Terminate null
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