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Manu Khetan- Rolling Arrays- Deciphering the Enigma of Human Resource Transformation

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Manu Khetan- Rolling Arrays- Deciphering the Enigma of Human Resource Transformation

Oct 16, 2019

Human Resource Management is necessary for the transformation of companies. Human Resources help companies to improve their bottom line.  It helps to create a competitive advantage throughout the company’s workforce. A strategic human resource management team is in charge of hiring employees, who will contribute to the potential growth of the company.

As a recognized HR Leader, and having had more than a decade of experience in the HR Processes, HR Functions, and HR Software, Manu Khetan founded Rolling Arrays, the Most Trusted HR Transformation Solution Provider in the Asia Pacific. 

Mr. Manu Khetan has attained a Bachelor of Technology Degree from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. He has worked for Infosys, SAP Labs, Virtual Calibre Sdn Bhd, and Accenture. There-after consulted for various blue-chip clients worldwide. Now, he is the CEO of Rolling Arrays with a reputation for adopting futuristic HR Automation techniques.

A “Techno” Revamp for Traditional HR-

Rolling Arrays was founded in 2009 with a team passionate about technology. They started working with SAP software for various business lines, and soon found their niche with revamping businesses by transforming HR using technology. Rolling Arrays is Asia’s premier award-winning HR Transformation Company, headquartered in Singapore with offices in 6 countries. Since its inception, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 150 HR transformation projects for more than 75 blue-chip clients across Asia.

The Rolling Arrays team understood the importance of efficient HR for transforming business and saw a gap between what HR folks need and what technology/implementation companies deliver; there was a huge gap in the language they talk. Thus, HR could not get what they needed/wanted and had huge reliability in the IT department. With its technology and business acumen, Rolling Arrays bridged this gap by providing technology services in the business language which HR speaks and understands. A consultative approach to HR Processes, HR Functions, and HR Software is Rolling Arrays’ core expertise and the primary catalyst for its success.

An Efficient HR service portfolio-

The company provides businesses with end-to-end HR solutions. Rolling Arrays helps customers adopt and automate digital HR techniques suitable to their cultures and businesses with the HR software best fit for their business needs.

Rolling Arrays end-to-end HR services portfolio includes:

  • HR Business Consulting
  • HR Systems
  • HR System Implementation
  • HR Change Adoption
  • HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • HR System Support
  • Data Migration & HRIS Integration

They work with businesses to automate their HR processes and enable them to adopt the best practices and processes to not only manage their HR functions but to make strategic business decisions using them.


HR Transformation is what clients know them for. Rolling Arrays continue to lead here because it is the most critical aspect of a company’s success. Their business-driven approach turns the company’s HR-centric projects into strategies for driving real business results that are aligned with the company’s vision.

Rolling Arrays has been helping organizations in transforming their HR for years enabling them to make significant progress in reducing costs and to improve operating effectiveness through HR process and system improvements, shared services, outsourcing, employee self-service, and support services. The company strives to help the businesses achieve their strategic objectives for performance and growth and leverage on the value that HR Transformation can deliver.

The sole focus of Rolling Arrays has always been on customers’ satisfaction and continuous enhancement. The company understands and considers competition; however, it is not their driving force.

“We are always open to learn and strive to be great at what we do and be better than ourselves every single day” 

Innovations that Keep Them a Step Ahead-

HR industry and business world has seen a rapid change/revolution in the last decade, keeping up with it, being ahead of the curve by understanding the current trends and future needs of businesses, and sheer focus on customer satisfaction and team efficiency made Rolling Arrays grow with exponential pace and have the trusted brand for HR Transformation.

Their products and services are built grounds up with a focus on the future. They are a team of highly experienced professionals with deep expertise in various HR & technology domains. Whether its implementation service, new product development or HRIT support system, it passes through multiple stages of filtration far before it is executed. Also, they are very open with feedbacks and focused on exceptional output, so, anything just ordinary doesn’t see the sunlight at Rolling Arrays. Furthermore, they have a very responsive support system that is eternally available for clients to share their feedback or get their issues resolved. Rolling Arrays team believes in being self-aware.

“We are all ears when it comes to feedback”

Employee Force- The Paramount in Forming the Core

Irrespective of the industry, the employees of a company are paramount in forming its core characteristics. The team lays immense importance on the ‘human’ aspect of a business – developing them, challenging them, engaging them and focusing on their well-being. Rolling Arrays keeps on innovating internally to provide a safe environment and exciting work. They strive for a work culture filled with humanity, integrity, passion, trust to cater to an extraordinary experience to the clients and enjoy lives at work.

Happy Customers and a Great Team-

To take his enterprise a step further, Mr. Khetan says, that the team is now focusing on strengthening their core values. They are building expertise laterally and in-depth as well, maturing the systems to replicate the successful processes and using innovation for simplification

“Happy customers, great team and evolving industry – These drive us to be better every day!”

Customer success is their priority. And they work to create a synergy that enables them to present clients with exceptional results.

So, along with applying immense experience and expertise in the HR Transformation domain, they invest time in understanding clients’ industry trends, holistic business needs, work culture, challenges instead of focusing on the silo-ed requirement, to achieve desired outcomes. Rolling Arrays team always goes the extra mile to make sure, clients make informed choices and equipped with the right tools to achieve exceptional business results.

Whether its team, products, services, processes – Rolling Arrays always strive towards improving it to be exceptional!

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About Rolling Arrays

Rolling Arrays has been driving SAP SuccessFactors-led HR Transformation since 2009. The company specialises in SF consulting, implementation, and support and also builds applications to enhance the utility of the SuccessFactors platform. It is committed to designing systems that help its customers to attract, develop and retain talented individuals. In 2021, Rolling Arrays was recognized as one of the top 75 fastest-growing companies in Singapore by The Straits Times & Statista.

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