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Top 10 HCM Consulting/Services Companies 2018 By CIO Advisor

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Top 10 HCM Consulting/Services Companies 2018 By CIO Advisor

Dec 24, 2018 Singapore

“Irrespective of the Industry, the employees of a company are paramount in forming its core characteristics. “This bold statement comes from a recognized HR transformation leader and entrepreneur-Manu Khetan, the founder and CEO of Rolling Arrays. The industry veteran take this to be his gospel truth because he lays immense importance in employee engagement ,which he believes will foster better productivity at work .He opines that the current wave of technology led HR transformation in the global business environment has led organizations to focus on developing better HR capabilities that enable business growth while also supporting the business strategy. With these developing trends coming to light in the HR space, he started Rolling Arrays in 2009, to provide end-to-end HR solutions that would enable customers to attract, develop and retain the processes and methodologies that are best fit for their business with pioneering HR solutions.

Rolling Arrays assists its customers in identifying the process gaps and effectively streamlining the HR processes against best practices amidst making HR organizations more effect and effective. By understanding an organization’s work culture and ethics while linking HR policies and practices to the organizational strategy, Rolling Arrays provides appropriate HR services for creating business value.
“We call ourselves as HR technology consulting company because we understand the worth of a human resource. We handle technology projects to automate the HR processes and then assist the enterprise in adopting the best practices and processes” explains Khetan.

Rolling Arrays helps customers adopt and automate digital HR techniques suitable to their cultures and businesses with one of the most reliable and innovative HR cloud products available in the market and their main HR software—SAP SuccessFactors.

Rolling Arrays has designed a Unique Working Model, which assures smooth implementation of complex HR transformation projects within the stipulated budget and time. The proprietary model directly helps the clients to optimize the resource and increase the ROI. The company has a three-step HR transformation methodology- Discover, Align and Transformation. Starting the process by understanding the strategic goals and HR processes of a business, followed by aligning best practices with existing processes and roles while offering flexibility in the process. The final step is orchestrating the processes, roles and best practices with an integrated HR software to automate the HR processes for helping an organization drive focus, visibility and accountability across their business.

Rolling Arrays with its consultative business-driven approach is turning HR centric projects into strategies for realizing tangible results that are aligned with the company’s direction .The end-to end HR transformation not only includes HR business consulting, process mapping, implementation ,but also training and support which results in greater integration, deeper functionality, faster roll-outs, better compatibility, and ultimately a sustainable solution. With headquarters in Singapore and offices in seven countries, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 150 HR transformation projects for Various clients across Asia.

For instance, one of the prominent banks in Dubai with a workforce of about 1500 wanted to streamline their HR processes and transform their entire HR department by gong paperless. Rolling Arrays provided them with a comprehensive overview of the processes and systems that required a change, and the ones they can continue using. By giving the HR department a map of the chosen adoption-strategy, which also consisted of training details and digital guides, Rolling Arrays was successfully able to transform the bank’s business strategy into business outcomes. For the future, the company plans to build and enhance its existing tools in Hong Kong and Australia while also eventually expanding its footprint in Thailand and Vietnam. With a clear focus on achieving HR transformation for the customers, Rolling Arrays aims to further build its R&D capability as well as its development center in India.

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About Rolling Arrays

Rolling Arrays has been driving SAP SuccessFactors-led HR Transformation since 2009. The company specialises in SF consulting, implementation, and support and also builds applications to enhance the utility of the SuccessFactors platform. It is committed to designing systems that help its customers to attract, develop and retain talented individuals. In 2021, Rolling Arrays was recognized as one of the top 75 fastest-growing companies in Singapore by The Straits Times & Statista.

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