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5 reasons why you should pursue a career in SAP SuccessFactors

5 reasons why you should pursue a career in SAP SuccessFactors SINGAPORE – Feb 18, 2022 Apply Now The HR Tech market exploded in 2021. According to, investors poured USD14Bil into 300+ different HR Tech startups across eight categories.The fundings represented a 775% increase vis-a-vis the USD1.6Bil in 2020. What are the contributing factors to this
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Rolling Arrays Employee Spotlight

Rolling Arrays Employee SpotLight See post on Linkedin Tom Becher ACCOUNT MANAGER What is your favorite thing about your team? My presales team very helpful! What’s the one word you would choose to describe Rolling Arrays, and why? Forward Looking. We always evolve every year, our method of selling and thepackage keep on changing in a good
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Rolling Arrays -Providing a Sustainable HR Transformation

Rolling Arrays-Providing a Sustainable HR Transformation Admin on Dec. 24, 2018 “Irrespective of the Industry, the employees of a company are paramount in forming its core characteristics. “This bold statement comes from a recognized HR transformation leader and entrepreneur-Manu Khetan, the founder and CEO of Rolling Arrays. The industry veteran take this to be his gospel truth
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Transform Your HR with Rolling Arrays

Transform Your HR with Rolling Arrays Admin on Dec. 17, 2018 [postsociallinks] Rolling Arrays consulting is a leading provider end-to-end HR solution that enables customers to attract, develop and retain the talent best fit for their business. Following their CEO, Manu Khetan’s success as the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 – HR Transformation in CV’s
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Why you should Join HR Tech Consulting Team of Rolling Arrays ?

Why you should Join HR Tech Consulting Team of Rolling Arrays ? Born from an entrepreneurial passion, and designed to be inventive solution partner, Rolling Arrays’ mission is to automate and strategically align HR processes of organizations to support present and future business requirements. In other words, our passion is to implement an agile HR IT strategy
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For a Rolling 2016, Thank You !

Rolling Arrays is Thriving in Dubai. As we continue our journey as Asia’s premier HR Transformation company, each day is a milestone for us in creating value for our clients and team. Here is a quick glimpse of our journey in 2016: Major SuccessFactors Go-lives, 2016 With our philosophy of “Every Single Project, Every Single Time” our
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Why do you think Complexity is hindering HR Teams’ Success?

Why do you think complexity is hindering HR teams’ success? [authorblog] [postsociallinks] What seems like a blessing in disguise is also one of the biggest challenges in the business world of employing global workforces diverging in age, gender, education and culture. The modern workforce is far more connected, diverse and collaborative and dynamic than ever before, which
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Leadership: A Challenging Concern

Leadership: A Challenging Concern of the Future [postsociallinks] [postsociallinks] Businesses have evolved, and technology has taken over the crux of the work that once was handed down to human capital to manage. But, the one pertaining concern persists around the globe across all industries; the challenge of being an impactful leader has increased nonetheless. Referring to the
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Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity

Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity [authorblog] [postsociallinks] By scaling informal learning processes across your company, each employee can benefit from collective knowledge – without interrupting their colleagues or diverting limited time and resources from other objectives. With many experienced Baby Boomer employees nearing retirement, now is a critical time to capture their knowledge in order to
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SIX THINKING HATS for an Effective HRIS Implementation

When we get into an implementation for SuccessFactors or SAP or any other product for that matter, we generally follow the prescribed methodologies – BizXpert, SAP Launch, Empower e.t.c and most often we get so involved with the execution that we do not realize what questions to ask at each step that will lead us in the right answers during the implementation.

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SuccessFactors Talent Search – Make the Most out of it

During Talent Management discussion with various customers and the SF Talent Management implementation experience, there was one common question that each one of them had – “How exactly will Talent Search Help us ? ” and their approach to using the Talent Search was more as a Search tool which according to me defeated the whole purpose and philosophy behind the functionality. Yes, it is a Search tool, but the buck does not stop there, and its utility lies in how well the processes are designed “before” and “after” the search activity.

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Happiness and Peace at Work

Everyone would agree that happiness at workplace is directly proportional to the productivity. Studies show that when employees are happy & at peace with their work, it is reflected in their work & the final outcome is tremendous.

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SuccessFactors Goal Execution Module

A lot of our customers are overwhelmed by the SuccessFactors Goal Execution module but at the same time they also do question the practicality of the product when implemented. While we look back at this question, I believe we need to understand the philosophy behind the concept of Goal Execution as I see it, to appreciate the effectiveness and the need to adapt to the concept.

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A Take on Change Management by KM Birla

We have a lot of emphasis that we draw with “Best Practices”, “Proven Methodologies”, “Standardization”, but I think it is all sometimes over rated. On one hand it does provide you a good direction for a fruitful journey, but on the other hand I believe it limits your reach and ability to innovate. “Best Practices” are good, but there are better practices existing which needs to be uncovered and that is what innovation is all about.

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