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10 Years of Rolling Arrays and SAP SuccessFactors Partnership

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10 Years of Rolling Arrays and SAP SuccessFactors Partnership

Rolling Arrays
Published on Oct 03, 2022

In my opinion, HR is not just a department in a company; HR is all of us – this thought has driven Rolling Arrays from the beginning and impacted both our customers and us. And this ideology has dominated our successful journey with SAP SuccessFactors over the last 10 years.

When I look back at these 10 years with SAP SuccessFactors, I can’t help but think of the times I jumped up in joy (yes, I am a jumper) with every milestone we reached.

Here are just a few of them.

1. The first SAP SuccessFactors Solutions Partner in Southeast Asia

When SAP acquired SuccessFactors in December 2011, I immediately realised the unending possibilities for HR operations with the merger of the two giants. This was when my team and I dedicated ourselves to SuccessFactors implementation for organisations in Singapore. This proactiveness made us the first SAP SuccessFactors solutions and implementation partner in Southeast Asia in early 2012. At this point, companies that wanted to scale wanted reliable tech partners who could create an HR ecosystem with SuccessFactors to make their workforce a powerhouse of efficiency. And we were there to deliver.

2. Growth from Singapore to other countries in Asia

In 2014, it was a great sense of achievement to win the SAP Gold Partner status, the best Cloud Partner Award and the best BPO Partner Award. We have been excelling in digitally transforming Human Resource operations for a few years now and winning prestigious awards. Over the next 6 years, Rolling Arrays had expanded to six new regions, focusing on the prevailing integrated HR solution to cater to the world’s dynamic HR needs. In fact, close to 44% of our clients have their businesses outside of Singapore.

3. The most consistently successful partner for SAP

Over the last decade, our work has been consistently recognised by SAP and other rating agencies. Be it our award for the ‘Best Niche (HR) Cloud Partner’ by SAP Asia for its outstanding performance in HR Transformation for businesses, or our induction into the ‘Top 75 fastest growing companies in Singapore’ by The Straits Times & Statista, we did not pause or stop in our vision.

4. Building apps for and within SuccessFactors

After becoming adept at optimising and implementing SuccessFactors for our clients, we understood that the enterprise HR tech buyer always has specific needs. It is, therefore, impossible for any particular software suite to deliver a complete solution. That is why SAP partners play a vital role in making SuccessFactors a wholesome solution and stand out amidst competitors like Workday, DarwinBox, and Oracle. We explored the idea of developing add-on solutions that are built for SuccessFactors. This includes an employee expense management system (Reimburse), employee documentation management system(ePFile), course creation system (eAuthoring) and others.

5. Multi-industry reach

With every project we took on, we learned more about the HR activities of multiple industries and created SuccessFactors led solutions for companies belonging to over 40 industries, including tech, eCommerce, environmental, energy, and more. These solutions allow our clients to harness the capabilities of SuccessFactors like never before. They witnessed a dramatic improvement in efficiency and productivity from their employees. That’s the impact we wanted to create.

6. Creating positive employee experiences

Speaking of making a difference with our clients, we enjoy working closely with each of them. With our every single project, every single time belief; We at Rolling Arrays helped our clients transform their HR from transactional to strategic. This means that, after we implemented SuccessFactors and our add-ons, they could create positive employee experiences that directly impacted the business.

7. Our People-First Framework

Our continued effort to create a positive employee experience allowed us to create a people-first framework. This is adopted across all the departments of Rolling Arrays and lets us create a thriving workplace. The framework covers crucial aspects like a positive work environment and culture, flexible working options, good career progression and opportunities for personal and professional growth that has helped us to maintain an unrealistic low attrition rate.

8. Creating an ecosystem of SF experts through our HR Tech Academy

In the world of HR Tech Consulting, most of the projects aren’t impactful without expert SAP SuccessFactors (SF) consultants leading them. The scenario is further complicated by the lack of experienced consultants out there – a fact we have realised in our decades of SF and HR Tech Consulting. That is why we built #HRTA i.e. HR Tech Academy in 2016. Today, it’s our proven internal program to nurture SF experts and bridge this knowledge gap.

We carefully select bright graduates and experienced IT consultants who want to make a difference in the HR Tech Consulting industry. We enable and nurture them to be SF experts through our three months intense training program based on actual project assignments.

9. Spreading Thought Leadership with Rolling Stories

Rolling Stories is our love letter to the HR world. It showcases HR tales to bridge HR thought leadership with others in the industry. It is essentially a series of podcasts sharing experiences and learnings from across the professional spectrum. It is a great way to share newer processes, technology, and anything to do with the HR industry.

10. Singapore’s Fastest Growing Company

In 2020, our efforts were noticed by the biggies. Considering the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2015 and 2018 of companies across Asia-Pacific, the Financial Times ranked Rolling Arrays in its Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2020. It has accoladed Rolling Arrays Consulting as one of the Highest Growth Companies Top 500 list in Asia Pacific 2020.

Thinking back over the years about all these highlights, I can’t help but feel that although my hair has greyed more, my excitement to see what the future holds remains unchanged. We are constantly working with clients to simplify and transform their HR processes while creating products that we know will positively impact our clients. With this and more on our plate, I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years hold.

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