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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in SAP SuccessFactors

By February 18, 2022July 10th, 2024No Comments

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5 reasons why you should pursue a career in SAP SuccessFactors

Rolling Arrays
Published on Feb 18, 2022

The HR Tech market exploded in 2021.

According to, investors poured USD14Bil into 300+ different HR Tech startups across eight categories.

The fundings represented a 775% increase vis-a-vis the USD1.6Bil in 2020.

What are the contributing factors to this phenomenon? For one, the 2-year experiment (and ongoing) on businesses operating remote or hybrid has necessitated a need for technologies to make it work. Imagine for a second that we had COVID back in 2012. Then, video calls would be costly, and I can’t even imagine the clunky equipment we all probably need to fix up in our house to make that possible.

But the advancement in technology has made the hardware go away, and the better internet bandwidth has led to the explosion of software-as-a-service and simply streaming it over the internet.The younger generation is also more familiar with mobile devices and how those apps are delivered. They are expecting a consumer-grade experience. That translates to not reading a 100-page manual to learn how to click a button.There is also an increasing focus on higher productivity, data privacy, cyber security and more.

The partnership expands the growing presence of Qualtrics in Southeast Asia, following the company’s commitment to hire 1,200 new employees across the broader Asia Pacific and Japan region by 2024, and opening of a data centre in Singapore in 2021. For Rolling Arrays, the partnership builds on a decade-long partnership with SAP, which has seen the company build one of the largest SAP SuccessFactors consulting teams in the region.

Pursuing a career in HR tech

By jumping onto this uprising bandwagon, one can hop onto a career trajectory that is not commonly found.

Starting a career in HR Tech or wanting to change the career to HR Tech what all is important (irrespective of the subjects n jobs’ experience.)

Ex. skill in demand now & in future also, proper training, team of experts, good projects, supportive team of like minded people, learning culture

Why SAP SuccessFactors

SMEs and large enterprises are snapping up HR Tech to enable their digital transformation. For the latter, many of them would gravitate towards tried-and-proven solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors.Founded in 2001 by Lars Dalgaard, the public listed company had 12,000 customers, with 191 million users in more than 200 countries as of Jan 2022. Demand for SuccessFactors consultants is through the roof as more companies embark on their HR digitalisation journey with the help of SAP SuccessFactors.And it will continue to escalate. This is why this is the best time to consider a career in SAP SuccessFactors.

And here are five more reasons why so.

Gain Global Experience

  • COVID19 has made business travel impossible, creating different kinds of unexpected opportunities.
  • Customers have become accustomed to remote implementations and support. And since it is going to be remote, there is no reason why the vendor has to be from the same country.
  • Rolling Array’s SAP SuccessFactors consultants have so far worked with companies based in Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE and many more.
  • This not open provide more opportunities for a Consultant to choose from. Still, it also allows the acclimation of a new business culture that will add value to the resume and portfolio.

Upward mobility is good

  • For SAP SuccessFactors Consultants, there are two distinct career paths to choose from. In the consulting field, you could progress from Associate Consultant to Lead Consultant and onwards to Practice Leader.
  • The second route would be through the Project Management Office (PMO), which starts with a Project Coordinator and progresses through a Project Manager and finally Project Director.

Pay is good

  • An entry-level SAP SuccessFactors Associate Consultant will earn between $3,000 and $4,000 per month at the beginning of their career in the field.
    For someone with more than 12 years of SuccessFactors expertise, the salary can be as much as $15,000 to $20,000 per month.

Super high demand

  • With more firms looking to implement their HR digital transformation with SAP SuccessFactors, the market is currently experiencing a significant lack of qualified SAP SuccessFactors Consultants to meet the demand.
  • Furthermore, it would take a long time to train someone from the ground up. As a result, the need for SAP SuccessFactors Consultants continues to outpace supply, resulting in a significant demand for these professionals in the market.

Work on new exciting projects

  • In the SAP SuccessFactors vendor community, you can expect to be involved in a diverse range of projects that are both challenging and enjoyable to work on.
  • There will be no two days that are the same.
  • Rolling Arrays serves a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, banks, schools, and energy businesses.Since projects may originate from different countries, similar projects will feel different, given cultural differences.

Rolling Array’s SAP SuccessFactors HR tech academy

To support interests in establishing a career in HR Tech and specifically SAP SuccessFactors, Rolling Array has set up our HR Tech Academy (HRTA) to train individuals with no prior experience to become Associate Consultants. A systematic training program based on real-world case studies will ensure you develop skills in Technology (SAP SuccessFactors), Human Resources (Processes), and Consulting, which will help you kick-start your SAP SuccessFactors consulting career. And HRTA is a complete salaried programme, so you get paid from day one of your learning journey.

Hear from our alumnus
Don’t just take our word for it. Here are what past alumnus has to say about the programme:

Undergoing the program right now and I like the program structure, the engaging and interactive learning sessions as well as the assignments given. – Carina Wong (HRTA Lateral)

Under the guidance of experienced and nurturing mentors, I was given opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to help our clients across multiple industries in the Asia region in their HR transformation journey. – Lynical Ng (HRTA – Fresher)

The HRTA gave me a head-start in the tech consulting industry which has led me on a journey filled with many learning opportunities and overseas exposure. – Gabriel Yeo (HRTA Fresher)


Keen to learn more about Rolling Array’s HRTA programme?

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