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5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Consider SAP SuccessFactors Resource Augmentation

By May 11, 2022March 12th, 2024No Comments

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5 reasons why your organization should consider SAP SuccessFactors resource augmentation

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Published on May 11, 2022

Turning to resource augmentation.

Hiring the right talent for your business continues to be a key challenge for many. This is according to an RGF International Recruitment’s Talent in Asia 2022 report. Despite the fact that there is a significant quantity of talent actively seeking new job possibilities, the problem of talent shortages exists, and it is aggravated by rising hiring demand, continuous travel limitations owing to the epidemic, and tightening work permit requirements. This is especially true for roles that require a deep amount of domain expertise, where you need highly skilled tech personnel. For instance, someone to manage the company’s SAP SuccessFactors installation.

Even if one can find that right talent, it is still a balancing act. Hire too many and it costs more money. Hire too little and you risk overwhelming current employees, leaving them overworked and burned out. This is where Resource Augmentation comes into play and provides a great alternative for consideration. In its essence, Resource Augmentation is an outsourcing technique that involves acquiring qualified technical employees from outside sources to temporarily or permanently fill open roles on your team. It allows companies to select only applicants who meet their needs and to eliminate or expand their augmented staff as needed.

Because the vendor employs these resources directly, the cost and liability of making new full-time employment are avoided. Resource Augmentation is an excellent solution to replace personnel shortfalls while retaining the quality of your company’s culture. It can also be a cost-effective staffing alternative because there is no need to invest in office space or other overhead costs connected with traditional staffing techniques. And, because businesses are no longer geographically confined, your company may source talent wherever it exists and assign positions accordingly.

Isn’t this the same as managed services?

Not exactly.

A Managed Services vendor will handle all parts of your project’s development, from forming a team with available developers to handling all processes on their own. You don’t require in-house tech knowledge or to devote time to your remote development staff. Customers frequently do not know who is working on their project, what developers are currently doing, or which decisions are made along the process when project outsourcing is used. In the case of Resource Augmentation, you may directly select applicants and manage them using the techniques you like. Essentially, the vendor handles all organisational and administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on your core tasks and engage with your augmented team in the same way that you do with your in-house team members

5 key reasons for resource augmentation

Consider the following five key advantages of staff augmentation before your next large-scale software rollout or upgrade:

Exact expertise for your specific personnel requirements

Resource augmentation allows you to hire pre-screened consultants at all levels, from leadership and strategy to project management and support. This puts you in better control, depending on the specific competence you require.

A less expensive option for hiring additional full-time staff

Many businesses like that Resource Augmentation allow them to easily access highly trained SAP SuccessFactors consultants without having to hire new employees – no employee benefits, no onboarding, and no hassles. These interim employees become an essential part of the team while branding themselves under your company’s name and immersing themselves in your culture – without the HR hassles.

Complies with your specific timeline

Another advantage of Resource Augmentation is the ability to select the term that best suits your digital transformation schedule. It can adapt to any schedule demand, whether you need short or long-term staffing support with a new installation or a version upgrade.

It can be used in conjunction with other services or on its own.

Similar to customising your sandwich at your favourite café, Resource Augmentation lets you to choose whether you want it a la carte or coupled with another menu item. It’s a completely configurable solution that’s meant to make your technology rollout go as smoothly as possible.

A faster way to achieve your objectives

Finally, Resource augmentation allows you to more efficiently accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors goals. Your staff will obtain extremely effective tools to learn the knowledge they need to embrace the new technology, assisting you to reach your goals and enhance your ROI, with immediate access to certified consultants who hit the ground running on day one.


Resource Augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, with more companies utilising this strategy to produce and retain flexible, scalable staff. With the pandemic still causing consternation in the business sector, remote work settings have become second nature, and thousands of people who lost their employment during the recession have resorted to the flexibility of being part of an augmented staff member. Simultaneously, organisations are understanding the value of a fresh set of eyes on critical operations like managing their SAP SuccessFactors installation. These variables, taken together, present a rosy picture for companies to consider Resource Augmentation as a great solution to narrow the gaps between hiring and business objectives.

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