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6 Must-have Additions to Your SAP SuccessFactors

By February 10, 2023May 14th, 2024No Comments

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6 Must-have additions to your SAP SuccessFactors

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Published on Feb 10, 2023

According to Infoclutch, SAP SuccessFactors currently hold 11% of the HRMS market share, making them the leading HRMS vendor. SAP SuccessFactors includes a broad spectrum of modules such as compensation management, performance management, workforce planning, learning, recruiting, and workforce analytics

While SuccessFactors takes a comprehensive approach to HRMS, some features can be personalized and highlighted using well-chosen add-ons that precisely deal with the desired function. In this article, we will discuss six must-have SAP SuccessFactors additions that will give you a boost in offerings. Before choosing which addition your organisation wants to add, think about what value it will add. Or, what type of problem does the organisation need to fix? Maybe some expense management? Or a document management system to store files digitally?  Let’s find out.


Managing HR documents is never easy, involving insurmountable amounts of confidential employee documentation. This is precisely the reason for implementing a document filing system. Implementing a document management system has had a positive impact on HR management. Providing your organisation with these

  • Storing and managing HR documents.
  • Ensuring compliance with constantly updated regulations. This eliminates the need to commit errors or experience misfortune with laws.
  • Provide the HR department with maximum efficiency.

The implementation calls for extra efficiency. Even by eliminating the paper-based filing system, you can see how such an approach leverages an efficient workplace.


This next one is a must-have tool for every organisation in nailing down excellent expense management. Expense management is a crucial aspect of any organisation. Effective expense management is fundamental to the development of any firm. Risking company revenue is something no business wants to undertake. Reimburse is an essential add-on for streamlining your reimbursement procedure. It streamlines the already complex system of real-time reimbursement for expenses and benefits. The AI-powered management expenditure approval tool in Reimburse can assist your business in getting rid of unnecessary spending.


The Job Description Management System (JDMS) is an HR tool that sorts and filters job descriptions differently based on what the hiring team is looking for. The best-performing tool guarantees efficiency and consistency. With JDMS, you can significantly streamline the job creation and update process. This would help engage the head to ensure job descriptions are accurate and precise.

SAP qualtrics employee engagement

Ever wonder what drives a company’s value? It isn’t only about how efficient your management is; the performance of employees plays a role in growing your company. It would be best if you made it a regular practice to get feedback on employees’ performance to drive improvements. SAP Qualtric Employee Engagement is the ideal add-on if you’re searching for a tool that helps develop employees. Featuring the following benefits

  • Real-time insights from employee surveys and feedback.
  • Boost productivity by decreasing employee turnover.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Retain and cultivate high performers.

Employee output is, without a doubt, just as important as managerial effectiveness.

SAP signature management by DocuSign

We are all aware of the significant transition due to the pandemic. In one survey, 53% of respondents claimed to be using e-signature for the first time. Today, even signature is digitalised. There is a substantial shift towards e-signature, even one that involves official documents.Since remote working is a common practice, flexibility in signing documentation is a must. SAP Signature Management by DocuSign can be used to incorporate these changes efficiently. It can be tailored to individual needs, is user-friendly, has robust security measures, and speeds up the process of executing contracts. By eliminating the need for paper, we can reduce our environmental impact when collecting signatures electronically.

First advantage

Ever thought of hiring the wrong candidate? To be precise, hiring candidates without running through background checks can be damaging to your company. This following tool is like stepping up your HR game. First Advantage brings solutions that bring positive news to the hiring process. Do you want to hire the right applicant? Start by investing in these add-ons. You can easily automate searches by looking up their criminal records before weeding out candidates. All the onboarding processes are made quick, speeding up every hiring process so you can efficiently hire the best candidate. Through the strategic use of routing and intelligent data processing, hiring future employees is made accessible.


Despite the rapid expansion of the HR technology sector, there are some essential components that every organisation should incorporate into its HR infrastructure. The six tools mentioned integrate best with SAP SuccessFactors. Since they are simply extensions to your existing SAP SuccessFactors, there is no need for a lengthy rollout.

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