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The Top 5 SuccessFactors Apps You’ll Need in 2024

By June 24, 2024July 15th, 2024No Comments
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The Top 5 SuccessFactors Apps You’ll Need in 2024

Rolling Arrays
Published on June 24, 2024
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You’ve been hearing more and more buzz about SuccessFactors and how it can transform HR processes through cloud technology.

But with so many apps now integrated with the platform, how do you know which ones can drive impact over the next couple of years?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve identified the top 5 SuccessFactors apps to supercharge your HR strategy in 2024.

These user-friendly apps are set to give your organisation a leading edge.

Read on as we reveal the top 5 picks and explain what makes each one a game-changer for the future of HR.


An AI-Powered Expense Solution

Reimburse is an AI-enabled expense, travel, and benefits management solution built for SAP SuccessFactors. With its proven track record, this powerful platform simplifies the complex process of reimbursing employee expenses and benefits in real-time. You can trust in its reliability and effectiveness.
Its AI capabilities, like automatic expense approval, help eliminate duplicate and non-compliant claims. This ensures your organisation stays compliant while streamlining approvals.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Mobile apps for easy expense tracking on-the-go
  • OCR technology to auto-scan receipts
  • Customisable forms and policies
  • Real-time reports with fraud detection
  • Seamless SuccessFactors integration

Affordable & Quick to Implement

Unlike complex solutions like Concur, Reimburse follows a simple per-user pricing model. It’s praised for its affordability and quick 4-8-week implementation timeline, which includes data migration, system configuration, and user training.
So get ready to revolutionise expense management in 2024 with this AI-powered SAP-certified solution!

With Reimburse, you get a complete package to manage all your expense needs from a single platform tightly integrated with SuccessFactors. No more juggling multiple tools!


A Centralised Hub

Imagine having all your employee documents neatly organised and easily accessible within SAP SuccessFactors.
With ePFile, you get a plug-and-play solution as a centralised hub for managing HR documents across modules.
Say goodbye to scattered files and hello to streamlined efficiency!

Smart Search & Permissions

ePFile doesn’t just store documents – it makes them truly usable.
You can quickly find the necessary information thanks to its smart search, sorting, and filtering capabilities.

Seamless Integration

What’s even better? ePFile integrates seamlessly with SAP Cloud Platform and SuccessFactors, providing single sign-on convenience. You can export documents effortlessly or bulk import them quickly. With its user-friendly interface and customisable folder structure, managing employee files has always been challenging.


The time-tracking powerhouse

How tedious can tracking employee time and attendance be? There is a game-changing solution – CICO, an intelligent time management add-on for SAP SuccessFactors. CICO streamlines your HR processes like a boss, seamlessly integrating into Employee Central.

Contactless clocking made it easy

One of CICO’s standout features is contactless clock-in/out for employees. It allows employees to record their working hours without physical contact with a time clock or punch card.
No more crowding around time clocks or fumbling with punch cards! Employees can clock in and out with a simple tap or scan, even offline. Plus, real-time alerts keep everyone on track. Talk about efficient time capture!

Shift planning is solved

Creating employee schedules can be a massive headache, but CICO takes the pain away. Its intelligent shift planning tool considers employee availability, business rules, and leave management to create optimised rosters: less hassle more productivity.

Data-driven insights

You get detailed attendance insights and workforce data with CICO’s reporting capabilities. Make informed decisions backed by real-time analytics and generate comprehensive reports with ease. Knowledge is power, after all!

Qualtrics employee engagement

Unlock the full potential.

Imagine having a team that’s truly committed to driving your business forward. That’s the power of employee engagement – getting everyone on board and motivated to help achieve company goals. With Qualtrics, you can tap into that invaluable resource.

Hear every voice.

Gone are the days of annual surveys that gather dust. Qualtrics lets you listen continuously across the entire employee lifecycle – from recruitment to exit. Pulse surveys, in-the-moment feedback, multi-rater reviews – you’ll understand what engages and motivates your people.

Take action, and see results.

But listening is just the start. Qualtrics transforms that data into clear priorities and actionable insights. You’ll identify the real drivers: professional development, work-life balance or leadership. Then, we can watch as strategic actions boost satisfaction, retention, and performance.

Experience Excellence

At its core, engagement is about experience. Qualtrics helps you craft an environment where people truly want to be – supported, valued and able to contribute their best. It’s how top firms are elevating engagement and unlocking better business outcomes.

Degreed LXP

Personalised Learning

With Degreed LXP, you get a personalised learning experience tailored just for you. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training courses. This platform adapts to your goals, skills, and interests, ensuring fresh and engaging content.


Expand your knowledge base with bite-sized learning content across various topics. Degreed’s extensive library covers everything from leadership and management to coding and design. Build new skills at your own pace.

Career Growth

Take charge of your professional development. Degreed helps map out a clear path for advancing your career with learning tracks, certifications, and coaching. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities.

The Degreed platform makes upskilling a breeze. Its modern interface and intelligent recommendations keep you motivated to learn every day. Get ready to take your skills and career to new heights in 2024!


So there you have it – the top 5 SuccessFactors apps to watch over the next few years.
With the pace of change in HR technology, who knows what other exciting integrations will emerge?
But if you want to stay ahead of the curve in 2024, start exploring and testing these now.
Keep innovating, learning, and pushing the boundaries of what HR can achieve with the right technology partnerships.
Now, go out there and make it happen!

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