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Why you should Join HR Tech Consulting Team of Rolling Arrays ?

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Why you should Join HR Tech Consulting Team of Rolling Arrays ?

Rolling Arrays
Published on April 28, 2018

Born from an entrepreneurial passion, and designed to be inventive solution partner, Rolling Arrays’ mission is to automate and strategically align HR processes of organizations to support present and future business requirements.

In other words, our passion is to implement an agile HR IT strategy for our customers which is flexible and future-proof.

Through our work in the field of SAP SuccessFactors System Implementation and HR Consulting, logistic companies secure travel, music companies attune their strategies to the desired outcomes, healthcare institutes save lives, technology companies are automating the processes better, auto manufacturers furnish more well-ordered cars, banks immune their expansion needs.

I think it’s about time that we met!

1. You Will Have Every Opportunity To Prove Yourself And Succeed

You’re, proverbially, a big fish in a small pond if you’re working at a close-packed company like Rolling Arrays. That means what? You have a great chance of higher visibility since your very first day and your creative ideas and hard work is seen and appreciated by the senior management at a meteoric pace.

And there’s a fringe-benefit as well! In times when your idea needs a quick implementation, you’ll have less red-tape and protocol to wade through. So, ‘Hello’ to project flexibility and ‘Goodbye’ to approvals at every step at our place.

2. You’ll work more closely with senior leaders – Speaking of bosses, you’ll have far fewer of them:

Working in a modest firm means you’ve more chances to work directly with the management or get the ears of the CEO or wait— you never know your boss may even be the firm’s owner! Such a close-knitted environment helps in acquiring the first-hand learnings from the experienced lot and exhibit your capabilities to the colleagues who matter.

Isn’t it amazing to be knowing and working with almost everyone in the company you’re associated with? This, we believe, fosters team spirit, helps you in feedback, development of the positive work-culture and ultimately creates relationships that aid in building your career.

3. You Can Wear Many Hats:

Like we said, working with the management makes provision for you to learn first-hand from their experiences. By this we meant, we not only equip yourself with their success mantras or stories but “all-hands-on-deck” i.e., you’re gaining a great deal of exposure and hands-on skills to the different functional aspects of the business. And the bonus is— you get to explore your forte while you’re trying something new and learn unexpected traits about yourself. You might figure out you love interacting with clients directly, or love to play with numbers in the department or you could be a social media bug, who knows! What better medium to discover your true calling?

4. Greater Involvement

Given the fluidity of the various roles and working in close quarters with the management, you’ll find yourself commandeering vital duties and responsibilities, even if it’s a little while since you’ve joined the company. The upside of the impersonal environment makes your bosses aware of your potential and you might have an influential voice in crucial decisions of running a business or leading team meetings. What more? This gives you an edge in the corporate world since you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge of business mechanics and the positioning of similar organizations in the market you’re operating in.

5. Ideas Are Always Welcome

Yes, we encourage innovation. It is undoubtedly true that smaller headcount is indirectly proportional to the innovative quotient in an organization because there’s little need for everything to be departmentalized. Keeping ‘creativity’ as an evaluation criterion is counterproductive for MNCs as seizing success becomes impossible due to the scale of the operations. However, this isn’t the scenario with a company like ours where each and every employee is judged by his/her impact on company’s creative edge.

So— Your voice is not a ripple in the ocean. It’s heard and is responded to quickly. And putting your best self in the design, development, and research provides intrinsic rewards — in terms of getting an opportunity to see your ideas unfold into reality, as well as extrinsic rewards like— taking credit for your achievements!

6. International Opportunities

In an increasingly globalized world, businesses are not restricted to their home country for project execution and relationship building with their customers. Rolling Arrays’ presence in 8 countries across Asia, Middle East and ANZ countries will get you international exposure, enhance skills to keep abreast of the developments in the market on a global level. Such opportunities will deepen your knowledge on the multi-dimensions and complexities associated with an implementation of a multi-geographical HR Transformation project — giving an opportunity to step back and gain new perspectives on different cultures, challenges, facilitates new creative ideas, and work ethics of different countries to get in touch with a real world of businesses.

7. Exponential Learning Curve

The best thing about Rolling Arrays is the break-neck speed at which the workforce learn new concepts and practices to have an impactful shot at success. Being in a fun-size company, it becomes pivotal to disseminate the learned practices rather than following a diktat. Rather than continually relying on the experience, we believe in exploring new terrain, build innovations rather than acquiring it, focus on core needs and like pioneers, comfort-zone doesn’t fascinate us because we assume new mechanisms and structures need to be built along the way. Advancement of the learning curve is what we relish!

8. Trusted by SAP

Rolling Arrays is certified and trusted SAP Services Gold Partner and consistent winner of the esteemed SAP best implementation awards that recognize outstanding performance in SAP SuccessFactors solution implementation and excellence in HR consulting services. Since its inception in 2009, Rolling Arrays has been sweeping incredible business and IT awards by industry partners and peers. Cloud Champion Southeast Asia for exceptional performance in HR transformation, One of the 25 “Most Powerful SAP Solution Provider” by CIO Story, SAP Gold Partner Award in an incredibly short period of 6 months, Innovation at the RDS, Best Cloud Partner Singapore, just to name a few.

9. The De Facto leader in HR Transformation Projects

End-to-end HR Transformation solutions are what our clients know us for. We started here, and we continue to be a de facto leader in HR Transformation projects because we live and breathe the ideology that— every business problem is unique and so are our solutions to the same. With years of expert experience, we get to the heart of the business needs, understand the path of the HR Transformation, and empower a business to respond intuitively to evolving market dynamics with customized solutions. Hence, it’s a game-changing spree with us.

Lastly, In Rolling Arrays, we hire for Attitude and Potential. Skill is very easy to develop if you have the first 2 and the right colleagues to learn from. If you feel HR and IT is the field you want to build you career in, please apply through below link and be a part of the Rolling Arrays’ family:

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