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Rolling Arrays Approach and Goal in 2020 on Channel Asia

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Rolling Arrays Approach and Goal in 2020 on Channel Asia

Apr 29, 2020 Singapore

The article originally published at Rolling Arrays targets new markets through SAP SuccessFactors

Rolling Arrays is prioritizing strategic growth in Australia, New Zealand, and wider Asian markets as the Singapore-based HR specialist expands through SAP SuccessFactors.Since the launch in 2009, Rolling Arrays with HR-Tech expertise, experience and a good installed base, are the early movers in the HR industry and the De Facto leader in the HR Tech Transformation space.

Manu Khetan, the CEO of Rolling Arrays confirms that their key priority for 2020 is expanding into new markets. Rolling Arrays has been a part of SAP SuccessFactors since 2012. SAP with the acquisition of 3.4 Billion, has a user base of more than 120 million and serves about 7000 customers in the process. Manu Khetan adds that Success Factors as HCM software is being adopted widely and Rolling Arrays wants to ensure all its existing and new customers are able to draw maximum value out of it.

With the dynamic nature of changing business requirements, Rolling Arrays focuses on remaining future-ready. Whether it is the shift from on-premise systems to Cloud SaaS or the introduction of AI systems and bots, Khetan says an HR SaaS Expert and all the consultants must possess equal expertise in the latest technology, HR best practices, and consulting skills to understand, recommend and implement the right solution for customers.

Also, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to HR chatbots and advanced people analytics. “These can change the dynamics of how employees interact with HR processes in an organization,” he acknowledged. “Every company might fancy it, however, how much of it can be adopted and brought in to cater to the customer experience is something we as technology providers help customers to understand.”

RA takes pride in being the architect and provider of over 150 HR Transformation projects for over 75 blue-chip customers across Asia. Partnering with SAP in 2010, RA kick-started a decade of providing specialized consulting and implementation services specific to HR and was awarded by SAP, SAP Best Niche (HR)Cloud Partner Award 2017 for two consecutive years, and recognized by Financial Times and Statista, CV Magazine, CIO Story Magazine and more.

Khetan states the approach that distinguishes them from the competitors is that RA breathes and lives by the ideology that every business is unique and so should be their solutions. Every small or big project is taken with utmost sincerity to solve the problem a company or department faces before they decide to embark on the RFI or RFP process. Getting to the heart of the business needs, understanding their unique requirements to achieve HR transformation, and thus empowering a business to respond intuitively to evolving market dynamics is RA’s elaborated approach towards the clientele.

Gartner analyst’s report suggests that HR Tech is a thriving market and the assessment of future trends show that by 2022, almost all companies will have invested in major initiatives to improve manager experience and automate HCM tasks. A Gartner research note also stated that these technologies would mean reduction in the time taken by managers in administrative tasks and not the elimination of managers. Though in the past few years, a rise in the focus shift on human capital and companies investing in HR solutions is seen, historically an HR solution is procured only after the company has invested in finance or key operational areas. Yet exist many companies that have not implemented an end-to-end HR system. This is where RA’s core strength lies. On the other hand, existing users with mature HR processes are trying to adopt newer technologies such as people analytics and HR chatbots. Overall, customers seem eager to invest in newer technologies and adopt an end-to-end HR transformation.

In 2020, Khetan says, the new demand is getting HR into employees’ pockets. The experience must be driven-by efficiency, simplicity, and accessibility. The underlying engineering to such an experience must be based on complex technologies like AI, machine learning, and chatbots.

“Imagine chatbots answering employees’ everyday queries instantly from what are the leaves remaining, medical benefits that one has, availability of team members in a particular period, pending tickets, etc, to broader analytical and shared services benefits,” Khetan said.

Transforming HR becomes a bigger challenge to companies with rapidly changing economies, industries, and statutory compliances considering along with the impact of dynamic employee demography, globalization, and diverse cultures.

To outdo these challenges, customers need cloud solutions accessible geographically, with best in-built practices and rules for statutory compliances, quick implementation with dynamic user-interface that suits all types of devices to access actionable insights to grow and stay competitive.

Thanks for the interview James Henderson. In the current times when Human Capital is the focus of every business, we are fortunate to be in HR Tech space with a great product like SAP SuccessFactors! Cheers to all our Customers and to Team RA

-Manu Khetan(CEO & Founder of Rolling Arrays)


Manu Khetan, CEO of Rolling Arrays, concluded the interview with Channel Asia with gratitude:

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Rolling Arrays has been driving SAP SuccessFactors-led HR Transformation since 2009. The company specialises in SF consulting, implementation, and support and also builds applications to enhance the utility of the SuccessFactors platform. It is committed to designing systems that help its customers to attract, develop and retain talented individuals. In 2021, Rolling Arrays was recognized as one of the top 75 fastest-growing companies in Singapore by The Straits Times & Statista.

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