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How Free Generative AI Tools Can Transform Employee Onboarding – Part III

By October 8, 2023November 27th, 2023No Comments

Resources > Blog > How Free Generative AI Tools Can Transform Employee Onboarding – Part III

How Free Generative AI Tools Can Transform Employee Onboarding – Part III

Rolling Arrays
Published on Sep 10, 2023

Envision a world where you can create dynamic and tailored onboarding content for your new employees in a snap without needing to write a single word. Imagine if your employees could generate onboarding materials like guides, checklists, or tutorials. Think about transforming your employee onboarding processes with the might of artificial intelligence without investing a penny.

Thanks to generative AI, all these and more are within your grasp. From generating text, images, audio, and video to code and beyond, generative AI employs varied techniques like natural language processing.

Generative AI is the breakthrough in employee onboarding, catalysing business value and competitive advantage. As per a 2022 Deloitte report, the global market for AI in human resources is projected to experience a significant surge. The main benefits of AI in HR include augmenting employee engagement, boosting employee retention, and minimising costs.

This blog post will explore how generative AI tools can reshape employee onboarding and its potential benefits for HR professionals and new hires. The third in this series of posts will delve into the crucial task of content creation and curation for onboarding. We will also highlight some generative AI tools you can utilise for these processes.
Let’s dive into how generative AI can restructure better work processes for employee onboarding.

Content Creation and Curation

The creation and curation of content are fundamental to successful employee onboarding, influencing the onboarding material’s quality, relevance, and efficiency. However, HR professionals often grapple with challenges such as:

  • Crafting dynamic and personalised content that aligns with the varied needs and preferences of new employees
  • Curating current and pertinent resources from an array of sources and formats
  • Updating and maintaining content to ensure it stays accurate and fresh
  • Aligning the content with onboarding objectives and desired outcomes

Generative AI tools can assist HR professionals in surmounting these obstacles and augmenting these outcomes by:

  • Generating engaging and personalised content for new hires based on their data, such as role, profile, interests, or prior experience
  • Developing curated resources for new hires in response to their inquiries or tasks
  • Updating and maintaining content for new hires based on their feedback or changes
  • Aligning the content with their onboarding objectives or outcomes

Examples of generative AI tools that could assist in these tasks include:

  • Boardon: Send pre-boarding and onboarding invitations directly to the mobile phone of your new hires. Craft an impressive first impression by providing the necessary information before the first day.
  • Uses AI to write automatic meeting notes with real-time transcription, recorded audio, automated slide capture, and automated meeting summaries.
  • Levity: A tool that helps automate your onboarding process with AI. You can create workflows, assign tasks, track progress, and send reminders to new hires. It’s free for 100 tasks per month.

The benefits of using generative AI tools for content creation and curation in onboarding are:

  • For HR professionals: They can save time and effort in creating and curating content. They can also enhance the quality and consistency of their content by utilising AI-generated templates and suggestions. Additionally, they can leverage data-driven insights from AI-generated analytics to monitor and improve their content.
  • For new hires: They can access engaging and personalised content that helps them onboard better and faster. They can also create their content for self-learning or future reference. Moreover, they can provide feedback or request changes to their content.


Our latest blog post delves into how generative AI tools can revolutionise employee onboarding. They can assist HR professionals in crafting engaging, personalised content and curating updated resources based on new hire inquiries.

These robust tools enhance content quality, consistency and save cost and time. They foster self-learning, enabling new hires to create their materials for onboarding.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts as we discuss other impactful applications of generative AI in onboarding, like evaluation, feedback, and personalisation. Keep an eye out!

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