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How to Choose the Right SAP SuccessFactors Application Maintenance Service Vendor for Your Business

By January 6, 2023May 15th, 2024No Comments

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How to choose the right SAP SuccessFactors application maintenance service vendor for your business

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Published on Jan 06, 2023

Application maintenance services improve the performance of an organization’s software systems while also saving money by freeing up human resources. Because organisations incur considerable costs in maintaining and sustaining their existing IT systems, they frequently do not have as much funding as they would like to invest in strategic projects and new technologies. This ongoing maintenance necessitates a significant amount of both human and financial resources, putting extra strain on the company’s balance sheet. A better approach would be to use an application maintenance service.

What is Application Maintenance Service (AMS)?

AMS effectively outsources the responsibility of providing ongoing support for your software to a third-party vendor who specialises in this type of maintenance and monitoring. A good AMS vendor not only caters for the day-to-day management of system issues, but also provides an ongoing analysis of adoption to proactively identify system improvements that address employee concerns, and user experience, and drives towards higher user adoption.

What areas does an Application Maintenance Service cover?

Beyond the day-to-day support, the key emphasis is to drive users’ adoption and that cannot be achieved purely with fast troubleshooting. It calls for a proactive approach to the companies’ problem statement and new requirements. This includes activities such as monitoring login stats, conducting user surveys, holding target training sessions and ensuring the relevant communications are followed through via emails and other means available.

What should you look into when selecting a service provider?

Choose based on your needs.

A company understands what is required for growth, and the maintenance services should be chosen accordingly. The outsourcing company you hire should meet your industry-specific requirements and be experienced enough to meet the service users’ expectations.

Understand the benefits and drawbacks.

Make sure you hire a highly experienced partner to achieve your business deadlines when outsourcing services. Learn everything you can about your vendor’s strengths and weaknesses. Ascertain that the vendor is knowledgeable about your firm and understands the work objectives.

Make sure they are adaptable.

Businesses are fluid and you would need trustworthy application maintenance vendors to adapt well and quickly to your evolving needs. Review the vendors’ previous work and speak with the clients they worked with. The vendor’s service should be adaptable enough to fulfil corporate needs while also keeping up with current developments.


Ensure the vendor’s personnel are well-qualified. Beyond credentials, consider their staff experience and whether the vendor makes frequent training investments in their people.

Conclusion: What’s next?

Application maintenance services are critical in many ways for organisations. It not only ensures that an organization’s application is working properly, but it also ensures that there is a set of actions in place to accomplish business objectives. This is especially critical when you are managing an enterprise application such as SAP SuccessFactors. Businesses can profit from application maintenance services in a variety of ways, including lower maintenance costs, improved application performance, app updates based on current trends, bugs and issues addressed on time and even ahead of schedule many times, and so on. The best part is that these vendors make certain to provide the best user experience possible, hence improving the organization’s brand image. Consider your Application Maintenance Support strategy to be more than just a help desk for tracking problem tickets. Consider it an enabler of wider system adoption and a more comprehensive approach to improving the ROI of your HR system investment.

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