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Why Document Digitalisation is Essential to Your Business?

By January 6, 2023March 11th, 2024No Comments

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Why document digitalisation is essential to your business?

Rolling Arrays
Published on Jan 06, 2023

Digitalisation in business refers to improving business performance with tech solutions. A lot of enterprises have incorporated digital tools and technologies into daily operations in contemplation of a full digital transformation. Most notably in the pandemic, the evolution of work entails an extensive digital transformation. Paper documents and digital documents could both be a mess without a tailor-made repository. This explains why a digital enterprise cannot exist without document digitization.

Document digitalisation is the process of converting paper documents into digital files using an array of tools and technology that computer systems might employ to automate workflows. It is regarded as the most crucial step in the process of establishing a digital business. There are manifold benefits for your business if you go for document digitalisation.

Provides enhanced security for privacy and confidentiality

Document digitalisation enhances your data security for the access to digital employee files is strictly determined. Confidential documents, especially personnel records, need digital access to ensure the safety of your business and your employees. The use of traditional files may easily result in a data breach as unauthorised individuals could access them physically. But you will not have worries about data protection, and you also save time locating important documents for your meeting and business strategies.

Creates productivity with automated workflows

You can simply get, share and restrict the documents with only a few clicks, but not spending a few hours searching. The process of employee file access could be entirely automated so that you don’t need to wait for the approval. This is the very first stage of digital transformation. Then, spare more effort in the core development of your business to accelerate its growth.

Cost reduction

The cost of paper document is $20 each. For recreating lost documents as well, it could cost $220. Adding them up, the cost of paper documents could be huge alongside the cost of poor performance. You don’t want your company to lag behind just because the cost for documentation cannot be curtailed like other competitors who already have gone through the digital process and minimise storage cost, labour cost, document restoration cost and other spending. With all p-file digitised, you can better manage them without being worried about extra costs.

Enhance efficiency with reduced error-prone exhausting tasks

With digital data storage, you no longer need manual operation of personnel files. From data entry to document retrieval, you cannot avoid laborious error-prone tasks if your company still sticks to manual employee document management. It only takes one wrong file to lose the game. This is why we encourage all enterprises to implement digital employee record conversion.

Increase files accessibility

What physical employee file storage really troubles you is that you cannot locate and retrieve important multiple files at once, let alone working from home. The adoption of digitalisation provides easy accessibility of e-personnel files from wherever and whenever your company prefers. Your company will not suffer from slow operation just because of the e-personnel file accessibility problem.

Devote more time and resources to refine business strategy and hiring process

You can devote more time and resources to aspects that need more development without having to handle messy personnel documents. It could take 50% of time searching for information and take 18 minutes to locate each document. What if you spend that 50% of your time refining your business strategy and hiring process? You really can get a big advancement in business success.

A paperless work environment is more comfortable

Getting overwhelmed by countless piles of personnel on your desks could really stress you out when the peak season is approaching. A tidy and clean workspace boosts your productivity and a messy one suggests otherwise. According to a study, businesses pay $2.5 million a year due to lost productivity resulting from an untidy workplace. So you really need an e-personnel file management system to optimize your work.

Businesses could help save natural resources too

Piles of files cost countless natural resources. Eliminating reliance on paper personnel records is not an arduous task. Businesses could simply switch to e-personnel files to be cost-effective, and fulfill corporate social responsibility simultaneously.


Digital transformation is an ongoing process. You always need good software to manage document digitalisation and lift your burden. Rolling Array has introduced an electronic equivalent of a traditional “PFile”, which is “ePFile”. It is an organised system that rides on SAP Success Factors Business Technology Platform which is an efficient and simple employee document management solution to target search documents. And ePFile allows you collate all pfiles in a single repository with role-based access requirements. For more details, visit ePFile and start your success journey with us.

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