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Future of the Recruitment Process in the AI Era!

By December 25, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

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Future of the Recruitment Process in the AI Era!

Manu Khetan
Founder & CEO – Rolling Arrays

Getting every hiring decision right is next to impossible today.

A wrong hire not only impacts the candidate’s career but also impacts the productivity of the company.

Can the AI Era we are witnessing today solve this ?

Let’s delve into a 12-step futuristic recruitment process featuring two super bots: 

CanAI (CandidateAI) & RecAI (RecruiterAI).

  1. Tailoring Dreams: Candidates craft a set of preferential instructions, encompassing the location of work (remote, office, or hybrid), country(s) of work, acceptable salary range, role type(s), work culture preference, core technical skill(s), strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Job Listings with Clarity: Enter RecruiterAI, publishing job opportunities based on company needs and preferences with precise role definitions.
  3. Global Ambitions, 24/7: Picture this—CandidateAI burning the midnight oil, tirelessly sending out applications for jobs across the globe that match their wish list.
  4. The Company Matchmaker: RecruiterAIs at different companies filter and auto-screen candidates, estimating their ability to perform in the role based on company and candidate preferences.
  5. Texts at Midnight: CandidateAI and RecruiterAI exchange messages, answer questions, and sort out details at their own pace asynchronously.
  6. Proactive Sidekick: CandidateAI contacts candidates asynchronously, collecting answers to FAQs that most RecruiterAIs throw their way, ensuring accurate representation.
  7. The Interpreter: Watch as RecruiterAI deciphers the nuances of CandidateAI’s responses, making informed decisions on whether it’s a match made in job heaven.
  8. Negotiating the Love Story: Together, CandidateAI and RecruiterAI navigate the delicate dance of salary negotiations, finding that sweet spot that makes both parties swoon.
  9. Signing with a Smile: RecruiterAI rolls out the job offer, and CandidateAI signs on behalf of the candidate.
  10. Onboarding BFFs: RecruiterAI steps in as the ultimate onboarding buddy, helping CandidateAI breeze through the paperwork and formalities.
  11. Missing Puzzle Pieces: In this back-and-forth, CandidateAI asynchronously collects any missing details from the candidate, ensuring the onboarding puzzle is complete.
  12. Learning and Growing Together: Both CandidateAI and RecruiterAI continuously self-machine-learn at an exponential speed to become more accurate at the above 11 steps.


Perhaps in a few years, we may witness CandidateAI and RecruiterAI collaboratively handling the entire recruitment lifecycle for all candidates and companies across the world—applying, filtering, interviewing, negotiating, and onboarding. The world’s productivity may soar to new heights, where the right candidates are matched with the right roles in the right companies with par excellence accuracy.

Note: The above is an exploratory idea; I have yet to come across a product that can do anything close to the above 12 steps, but I am confident that this will happen in the near future.


– Relevant Personas : All HR Professionals & HRTech SAAS Product Managers

– HR Problem : Hiring Accuracy

– Solution Style : Quantitative dip for a well-known Qualitative problem


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Manu, Founder and CEO of Rolling Arrays, a global HR technology leader, brings two decades of expertise to redefine HR practices. Passionate about pioneering HR automation and nurturing talent, Manu advocates for a customer-first and employee-first approach, prioritizing value creation. Beyond the boardroom, he is a dedicated family man, a skilled pianist, and an advocate for empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Join Manu on the transformative journey where HR emerges as a dynamic force for positive change in the business world.

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