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Revolutionising Tech Consulting: The Top 5 Soft Skills and AI-Generated Hiring Assessments

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Revolutionising Tech Consulting: The Top 5 Soft Skills and AI-Generated Hiring Assessments

Rolling Arrays
Published on Sep 10, 2023

In the dynamic field of technology consulting, the technical process of professionals is often spotlighted as the primary driver of success. While technical skills are undoubtedly vital, another dimension plays an equally critical role: soft skills. Often undervalued or overlooked, these skills are crucial in building effective consulting relationships, translating complex technical jargon into understandable language, and leading teams towards innovative solutions.

Soft skills—from communication and problem-solving abilities to emotional intelligence and adaptability—enable tech consultants to navigate diverse business landscapes, foster meaningful client relationships, and work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams. These capabilities not only bolster the success of individual consultants but significantly impact the overall performance and reputation of the consultancy firm.

With the importance of soft skills established, the question arises: how can organisations identify and hire for these attributes effectively? This is where the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. AI can assist in creating structured, comprehensive, and objective hiring assessments, making it easier than ever to assess soft skills in prospective tech consultants. This blog explores the top five soft skills essential in tech consulting and how AI can revolutionise hiring.

The Top 5 Soft Skills for Tech Consulting

Soft skills are highly sought in a technologically advanced and complex domain like tech consulting. These skills complement technical expertise and facilitate seamless interaction, problem-solving, and decision-making. They are:

  • Communication: Excellent communication skills are paramount in tech consulting. Consultants need to be able to articulate complex technical concepts and strategies in a way that clients and team members can easily understand. They must also be excellent listeners, fully absorbing clients’ needs and feedback to develop the most effective solutions.
  • Problem-Solving: In tech consulting, encountering obstacles is the rule, not the exception. A consultant with solid problem-solving skills can turn challenges into opportunities and devise innovative solutions to overcome technical hurdles.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Tech-consultants work closely with various stakeholders, making emotional intelligence essential. Being empathetic, understanding, and considerate helps build strong relationships with clients and team members. Emotional intelligence also assists consultants in managing stress, responding to criticism constructively, and maintaining a positive working environment.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Tech consulting is often a collective effort, requiring the blending of diverse skills and perspectives. Being a team player and collaborating effectively with others can significantly boost project success and client satisfaction.
  • Adaptability: The technology field and the nature of tech consulting are ever-evolving. Consultants must be adaptable and open to learning, adjusting their strategies and methods according to emerging technologies, market trends, and client requirements.
    Understanding the importance of these soft skills is only the first step. The next crucial phase is accurately identifying these attributes in potential candidates, where a carefully structured hiring process comes in.

Soft Skill Deep Dive

To optimise the hiring process for tech consultants, it is essential to identify each of the above-mentioned soft skills in candidates.


  • Why it Matters in Tech Consulting: Tech-consultants regularly interact with clients, stakeholders, and team members. They must translate complex technical concepts into a language that non-technical individuals can understand and engage in productive dialogues to gather requirements and provide updates.
  • Identifying Strong Communication Skills in Candidates: This can be assessed through their ability to articulate thoughts during the interview, their responses to situational questions, and their performance in exercises or tasks that involve explaining technical concepts to a non-technical audience.


  • Why it Matters in Tech Consulting: Technical hurdles are a standard part of tech consulting. A consultant with solid problem-solving skills can navigate these challenges effectively and devise innovative solutions.
  • Identifying Strong Problem-Solving Skills in Candidates: Problem-solving abilities can be gauged through their approach to hypothetical scenarios that involve identifying problems and developing solutions. Their past experiences can also provide valuable insights into their problem-solving capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Why it Matters in Tech Consulting: Emotional intelligence promotes stronger client relationships and a healthier work environment. It allows consultants to understand and manage their emotions, empathise with clients and team members, and respond constructively to feedback.
  • Identifying Emotional Intelligence in Candidates: Emotional intelligence can be assessed through behavioural interview questions that explore how candidates handle criticism, manage stress, and interact with others.

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Why it Matters in Tech Consulting: Tech consulting often involves teamwork. Strong teamwork and collaboration skills can lead to more effective strategies and solutions, promoting project success and client satisfaction.
  • Identifying Strong Teamwork and Collaboration Skills in Candidates: Ask about past experiences working in a team, their role, and the outcomes. Role-playing exercises can also provide insights into a candidate’s collaboration skills.


  • Why it Matters in Tech Consulting: The tech industry is constantly evolving. Adaptability allows consultants to stay current with emerging technologies and adjust their methods to suit changing market trends and client requirements.
  • Identifying Adaptability in Candidates: Assessment can be done by exploring how candidates have adapted to changes or learned new technologies. Their response to unexpected changes during the interview process can also be telling.

Organisations can significantly enhance their tech consulting capabilities by assessing these soft skills accurately. The next part of the puzzle is creating a practical, structured, and comprehensive hiring process. And AI has a crucial role in this.

The Role of AI in Hiring Assessments

Rapid technological advancements now mark the hiring landscape. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in the hiring process can make assessing soft skills in prospective tech consultants significantly more manageable and efficient. Here’s how:

  • The Value of Structured Assessments: Structured assessments can help ensure that every candidate is evaluated consistently and objectively, mitigating the risk of bias and making it easier to compare candidates. They also provide a clear framework for assessment, allowing hiring teams to focus on specific key areas.
  • Introduction to AI and Its Role in Creating Hiring Assessments: AI can automate and enhance various aspects of the hiring process. It can generate comprehensive assessments tailored to specific roles, analyse candidate responses, provide insights into candidate traits and behaviours, and predict job performance. AI algorithms can learn from existing data to continuously improve the assessment process.
  • How AI Can Generate Comprehensive and Objective Assessments: AI can leverage vast amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms to create hiring assessments that accurately measure the desired soft skills. These assessments can include behavioural questions, situational judgement tests, and role-specific tasks or challenges. AI can even analyse candidates’ responses in real-time to assess factors like communication skills and problem-solving abilities.By harnessing the power of AI, organisations can make the hiring process more streamlined, precise, and effective. The following section will guide you through implementing AI-generated assessments for tech consulting roles.

Implementing AI-Generated Assessments for Tech Consulting Roles

Incorporating AI into your hiring process can seem daunting, but it can be a smooth transition with the right approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leverage AI to create assessments:

  • Identify the Required Soft Skills: The first step is identifying the critical soft skills required for the tech consulting role. These skills will form the basis of the assessments that the AI will generate.
  • Choose an AI Platform: Select an AI platform that specialises in generating hiring assessments. Look for platforms that can create various assessments, offer a high degree of customisation, and have a track record of accuracy and reliability. 
  • Train the AI: Provide the AI with information about the required soft skills and the role’s specifics. The AI will use this information to generate assessments tailored to your needs.
  • Generate and Implement the Assessments: Use the AI to generate assessments and then incorporate these into your hiring process. The AI can also assist with analysing candidate responses and providing insights.
  • Refine the Process: Over time, the AI will learn from the data it collects, allowing it to refine and improve the assessments. Regularly review the assessments and the results they produce to ensure they continue to meet your needs.

Benefits of Using AI-Generated Assessments

AI-generated assessments offer several benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: AI can automate much of the hiring process, freeing up valuable time for your HR team.
  • Objectivity: AI assessments can help reduce bias in the hiring process, leading to more diverse and inclusive hiring.
  • Accuracy: AI can analyse vast data to predict a candidate’s suitability for a role accurately.
  • Consistency: AI ensures that every candidate is assessed consistently, making it easier to compare candidates.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of tech consulting, successfully identifying and recruiting talent with the right blend of technical and soft skills is necessary. As we’ve discussed, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and adaptability are invaluable assets that enable tech consultants to navigate the complexity of their roles and foster effective relationships with clients and team members.

Meanwhile, leveraging AI in the hiring process offers a new, efficient, and precise way to evaluate these critical soft skills. By generating comprehensive and objective assessments, AI brings standardisation and fairness to the recruitment process. The amalgamation of AI and the focused evaluation of soft skills in tech consulting candidates results in a powerful hiring approach set to shape the industry’s future.

Remember, while technical skills may get a candidate in the door, their soft skills will help them thrive and succeed in the challenging environment of tech consulting. Harness the power of AI, recognise the critical role of soft skills, and pave the way for a more dynamic, effective, and innovative tech consulting workforce.

That concludes our exploration of soft skills in tech consulting and the role of AI in hiring assessments. Now it’s time to implement this knowledge and transform your hiring process. Happy hiring!

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