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Unveiling the Future of HR: 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

By February 20, 2024March 7th, 2024No Comments
Unveiling the Future of HR 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

Resources > Blog >Unveiling the Future of HR: 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

Unveiling the Future of HR: 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

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Published on Feb 20, 2024
Unveiling the Future of HR 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate dynamics, the pulse of an organisation resonates in the corridors of its human resources. Stepping into the promising realm of 2024, the acclaimed HR analyst Josh Bersin has bestowed upon us a glimpse into the future, a vision of the global pursuit of productivity. While many discussions skim the surface of HR trends, this exploration takes us to the heart of Bersin’s insights, unravelling the intricacies that often lie unexplored. Strap in as we embark on a journey to unveil the five key takeaways from Bersin’s HR predictions for 2024, offering a distinctive perspective that transcends the commonplace.

Augmented Reality in Employee Training: A Vision Becomes Reality

Josh Bersin paints a picture of a future where augmented reality (AR) will redefine employee training. While this prediction might sound like science fiction, companies are already taking tangible steps in this direction. According to a recent survey by PwC, a staggering 53% of employees anticipate that AR and virtual reality (VR) will be as ubiquitous as smartphones for work-related tasks by 2024. This not only indicates a paradigm shift in training methodologies but also underscores the workforce’s anticipation for a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Data-Driven Talent Decisions: Bridging the HR Analytics Gap

Bersin underscores the rising importance of data-driven talent decisions in 2024. Yet, amid the predictions, a stark gap in HR analytics adoption often goes unnoticed. According to a comprehensive study by Deloitte, a mere 9% of organisations believe they possess a good understanding of the talent dimensions driving performance within their ranks. This glaring void presents a golden opportunity for HR professionals to tap into the untapped potential of analytics, reshaping the way decisions are made in talent management.

The Rise of Employee Well-being Programs: Addressing the Unseen Challenges

While employee well-being is a buzzworthy topic, Bersin’s predictions unveil the depth of this transformative journey. Beyond the generic discussions, a revealing study by the World Health Organization (WHO) discloses that mental health conditions impose a staggering cost of approximately $1 trillion per year on the global economy in terms of lost productivity. This stark figure emphasises the pressing need for organisations to transcend traditional benefits and genuinely prioritise mental health within their well-being programs.

Shift in Leadership Development: A Call for Soft Skills Mastery

Bersin anticipates a significant shift in leadership development towards the mastery of soft skills. Yet, amidst the predictions, many discussions overlook the urgency of this transformative shift. A survey by LinkedIn provides a revealing statistic: 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers believe that soft skills are equally or more important than hard skills. As the demand for emotional intelligence, communication, and adaptability continues to surge, organisations must reassess their leadership development strategies to stay ahead in the evolving corporate landscape.

The Gig Economy Evolution: Embracing Flexibility with Responsibility

While Bersin acknowledges the evolution of the gig economy, discussions often fixate on its growth rather than responsibly integrating flexibility. A report by McKinsey Global Institute provides a nuanced perspective, revealing that 20-30% of the working-age population in the United States and Europe engages in independent work. However, it strongly emphasises the need for a social contract that not only provides gig workers with the desired flexibility but also ensures essential benefits and protections. This shines a light on the often-neglected aspect of responsibility in the evolution of the gig economy.


In the wake of Josh Bersin’s visionary HR predictions for 2024, the imperative is clear—move beyond surface-level discussions and explore the nuanced terrain shaping the future of human resources. The augmented reality revolution in training, the untapped potential of HR analytics, the true cost of neglecting mental health, the soft skills imperative in leadership, and the responsible evolution of the gig economy—these insights provide a comprehensive roadmap for HR professionals navigating the uncharted territories of the corporate landscape. As we embrace the winds of change, let’s not just predict the future but actively participate in sculpting it for the better. The future of HR is here, and it’s a landscape waiting to be shaped by those ready to venture beyond the ordinary.

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Unveiling the Future of HR: 5 Insights From Josh Bersin’s 2024 HR Predictions

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