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Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS)

By September 12, 2022November 7th, 2022No Comments

Company Overview

SUSS is a university with a rich heritage in inspiring lifelong education and transforming society through social sciences. SUSS develops work-ready graduates and work-adaptive alumni to their fullest potential through the university’s 3H education philosophy – ‘Head’ for professional competency with applied knowledge, ‘Heart’ for social awareness of the needs of the society, and ‘Habit’ for passion towards lifelong learning.

Business Challenge

  • Complexity of current internal processes
  • Redundancy in efforts and scattered HR activities
  • Difficulty in the tracking of performance appraisals and goal plans
  • Lack of real-time information and clean data for reporting
  • Multiple systems required for integration

Project Scope

Headcount : 2000

Countries : Singapore

Timeline : 9 Months (2019 – 2020)

TBD (Need RA’s help in identifying the key benefit)

Solution Overview

  • Clear project timeline and commitments to meet the Go-Live target
  • Strong Project Stake Holder and Top Management support and commitment to adopting a new HR Integrated System
  • Constant guidance and support to the HR Project team on processes, governance & system administration
  • Key Team members can decide during a critical time

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