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Navigating Different Sectors: Christina Lu-Maxwell’s Diverse Journey in HR

By April 25, 2024April 30th, 2024No Comments

Navigating Different Sectors: Christina Lu-Maxwell’s Diverse Journey in HR

Apr 25 ,2024

Discover valuable lessons from HR expert Christina Lu-Maxwell’s diverse career journey, spanning both public and private sectors. Gain insights on cultural differences, adaptability, pursuing growth, fostering connections, and maintaining an open mindset for lasting success.

Join Adrian Tan and our esteemed guest, Christina Lu-Maxwell, on an enlightening discussion as they delve into the intricacies of navigating career sectors. Gain valuable insights from Christina’s diverse experience spanning public and private sectors. Tune in for engaging conversations on cultural differences, adaptability, growth, and fostering meaningful connections. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from two industry experts!

Whether considering a move from the public to private sector or vice versa, it’s important to understand the core differences in culture and mindset. As an HR leader who has navigated both government agencies and multinational corporations, Christina Lu-Maxwell has experienced the varied challenges and opportunities across sectors first-hand. Here are some of the valuable lessons learned from her diverse career journey so far.

Defining Cultural Differences  

While the public and private sectors may seem worlds apart, their similarities are growing as each adapts to changes in the market. However, some fundamental distinctions remain – resources, structure, and priorities being the most prominent. Having worked for the Navy early in her career, Christina witnessed the rigid hierarchies and checklist-driven approach of government jobs. Private companies place far more importance on profits, innovation and adapting quickly to customer needs. Understanding where you and your skills are best suited makes all the difference in finding fulfilment. 

Overcoming Adversity with Adaptability

Starting her private sector journey, Christina faced her biggest challenge yet – developing an entire HR policy from scratch with zero templates. Drawing from support of mentors and courses she enrolled in, she taught herself the fundamentals. Seeing it implemented successfully built confidence to take on more responsibilities. Navigating tough spots means focusing outward instead of internal criticism, as adversity often breeds the most valuable lessons. Commitment to continuous learning has served her well throughout different roles.

Pursuing Growth Over Stability  

While the public sector offers security, prescribed career paths limit room for growth if you seek new challenges. Christina’s thirst for learning led her to progressively bigger roles and industries from banking to renewable energy. Not every move was seamless, but stretching beyond comfort zones readied her for whatever came next. Self-awareness of drivers, strengths and risk tolerance helps determine whether a stable or dynamic career environment fits you best.

Fostering Meaningful Connections

Over the years, genuine relationships established across sectors have formed an invaluable professional network for Christina. From mentors who lent their experience during difficult periods to colleagues now in senior positions, these connections prove that strong bonds transcend workplace boundaries or time. Taking honest interest in others and being of service has opened many doors. Quality networking comes from enriching mutual partnerships, not one-sided gains.

Keeping an Open and Humble Mindset

More than specific skillsets, possessing the right attitude makes all the difference in achieving lasting success. Christina approaches opportunities or criticism with an openness to learn and improve instead of judgment. Hard work can transform limitations into strengths when fueled by perseverance and a growth mindset. Her career has been enriched by gaining exposure to diverse perspectives at all levels, and by maintaining humility throughout leadership roles.

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