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Building Better Buisnesses : The Role of HR Competencies in Success

By July 20, 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

Building Better Buisnesses : The Role of HR Competencies in Success | Kangan Arora

July 20 ,2023

Discover the captivating world of HR competencies and their profound impact on organizational triumph in this engaging podcast by Adrian Tan. Join Kangan Arora, a distinguished HR expert, as she shares her wealth of knowledge, authentic experiences, and actionable insights for HR professionals seeking growth and accomplishment. Get inspired and join the conversation now!

Key HR Competencies for 2023

Some of the most critical HR competencies include:

Business Acumen: Understanding how the business operates, its goals, challenges, and external environment. This allows HR to make data-driven decisions aligned with business needs.

Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of employees. Empathetic HR professionals can build trusting relationships and cultures.

Data Analysis: Collecting, interpreting and communicating people insights through analytics. This enables evidence-based workforce planning and talent decisions.

Strategic Thinking: Taking a future-oriented perspective and aligning HR initiatives with broader organisational goals. This evolves HR into a strategic partner.

Agility: Rapidly adapting to changing business priorities and work models. Agile HR professionals thrive through uncertainty.

Digital Fluency: Leveraging digital tools and technologies like AI, automation and people analytics. This transforms traditional HR processes.

Collaboration: Working cross-functionally to integrate people solutions across the business. This breaks organisational silos.

According to HR leader Kangan Arora, the key to developing these competencies is curiosity and courage – asking questions, making mistakes, learning continuously, and stepping outside one’s comfort zone. It requires moving from tactical roles to strategic impact.

Insights on Developing Key Competencies

Here are some insights from Kangan on how HR professionals can build critical competencies:

Know your talent, organisation and leadership. Deeply understand how they intersect to create value.

Use “small data” – real-time insights from people on the frontlines. Synthesise these to communicate effectively.

Adopt an outside-in perspective. Observe customers, benchmark competitors, and empathise with employees.

Simplify policies and processes by eliminating complexity. Streamline HR for people.

Foster collaboration across functional silos. Create connections.

Be mentored by veterans in HR. Learn from their triumphs and mistakes.

Stay updated on HR best practices. Be open to re-skilling and re-tooling yourself.

The Future of HR

As technology transforms the workplace, the CHRO evolves from a support function to a strategic value driver. HR professionals who embrace learning and build capabilities will successfully shape this future.

With visionary leadership, empathy, and business acumen, HR has an unprecedented opportunity to create a competitive advantage. The workforce needs of tomorrow require HR to step up today.

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