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How will HR Tech shape the future of work in 2024?

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How will HR Tech Shape the Future of Work in 2024

Feb 23 ,2024

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HR is no longer about HR, it’s about helping succeed in the business. That’s the mental shift and the practical application that I think in HR we’ve been working around for some time, and all the analytics, all the tools, begin to support that agenda.

Dave Ulrich | Co-Founder & Principal – The RBL Group

We need to quickly learn not just to co-exist with technology but to leverage on the combined synergy of high-tech yet high touch to improve work lives and to improve humanity.

Peck Kem Low | CHRO & Advisor (Workforce Development) – Public Service Division, Singapore

I see 2024 shaping up to be a very interesting year for HR technology. Gen AI will actually drive significant investments by CEOs in order to ramp up their competitive advantage. HR leaders need to be able to put a sharper focus on their business case and to justify the investments in the HR technology away from some of these budgets in order to help the companies to transform better.

Carmen Wee | Founder & CEO – Carmen Wee & Associates

We already see a lot of exciting experiments of applying AI into different HR areas like recruitment, people analytics. What I’m personally most passionate about is to see the AI application in Learning and Development because learning has been always most effective when it’s individualized and customized, and AI technology will enable us to customize at an extreme level and also do that in a very large scale.

Allen Lee | Head of People – Aspire

Some of the key strategic priorities for 2024 are likely to be around the productivity efficiency and personalization so this would create a huge pull for generative AI-based HR Solutions which can address some of these challenges.

Saurabh Jain | Head of HR, Asia Pacific ( Former ) – ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

2024 and HR Tech will be an interesting combination more and more companies will deploy generative AI technology to boost employee experience and also leverage productive analytics this will help organizations take faster Talent decisions and redefine how work is done it will also raise questions around bias.

Sanjiv Agarwal | Head – HR, South East Asia – Swiss Re

Generative AI may be the solution to bring the different silos of HR together to create a more systemic HR One in which data talks to each other and the user gets access to information across all systems maybe it is generative AI that will bring the entire function leave alone the Enterprise together.

Himanshu Tambe | Chief Delivery Officer – INSORCE

Believe that in 2024 the excitement and hype around use of generative AI in HR will certainly continue with the some of the large HR platform providers integrating the Gen AI or launching new Solutions with generative AI I think will only bring more real use cases for HR.

Vikas Verma | Managing Director – UOB

In 2024 the key macro environmental Trends from 2023 are likely to persist organizations would need to further strengthen organizational resilience and continue to focus on optimizing its human capital. This would suggest that there will be increased attention on how generative AI as well as the use of data tools and Technology could be deployed in HR to enable and support the business to make decisions faster and provide sharper predictability in outcomes from decisions around people.

Sui Ming Hong | Senior VP – Head People and Group Rewards – GREAT EASTERN

AI-driven tools fostering unprecedented productivity gains new skills and capabilities enabling organizations to meet evolving business needs and of course fortified cyber security measures to safeguard employees data collectively this tree will reshape the HR technology space in 2024 with agility and efficiency.

Jeslin Lim | General Manager – Head of HR – Cycle & Carriage Singapore

Consolidation of the 25 processes of HR tech that we have been seeing example would consolidate probably I think 2024 would be the starting year for that with the Advent of AI that we have and Perhaps this 25 number will keep decreasing over the next few years.

Manu Khetan | CEO – Rolling Arrays

I think 2024 is monumentally going to reshape HR Tech from recruitment to the employee experience to how we manage productivity in the workforce is going to shift as a result of Technology we know automation generative AI is making huge Leaps and Bounds and I think at the end of this year it will significantly change particularly around Administration, around Workforce analytics, around employee life cycle experiences but also the HR Tech stack.

Narelle Burke | CHRO – Insights APAC & Global Consulting – Kantar

Continue advancement in AI-driven tools for recruitment, Employee Engagement and talent management Increase integration of data analytics for workforce planning and the use of virtual reality for training and development could also be potential areas of growth and AI can be easily used to answer questions based on your company’s data feedback and as interviews and cyber security measures and privacy considerations are likely to remain critical in HR Tech Evolution.

Li Lian Tan | CEO & Founder – Mustard Seed Consulting Group

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