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A Non-Traditional Path to the C-Suite: The Journey of a Chief People Officer

By October 26, 2023July 11th, 2024No Comments

A Non-Traditional Path to the C-Suite: The Journey of a Chief People Officer

Oct 25 ,2023

Discover the inspiring journey of Sergio Salvador, a Chief People Officer at CARSOME, as he shares his unconventional career path from global tech brands to the C-Suite. Gain valuable HR leadership insights, learn about career transitions, and explore the latest HR trends on Rolling Stories – A Video Podcast Series for HR.

Join Adrian Tan and our esteemed guest Sergio shares his remarkable career transition from global tech brands like Google, Nokia, and Electronic Arts to taking on the role of Chief People Officer at CARSOME. Discover how his non-traditional approach is reshaping the world of HR.

Sergio’s Career Journey:

Sergio started in sales and marketing roles focused on technology, working for global companies like Google, Nokia, Yahoo and Electronic Arts. During his five years at Google, Sergio discovered a passion for coaching and developing leaders.

This led him to pivot to leadership consulting at Egon Zehnder, where he spent five years advising executives across the region. After much self-reflection, Sergio decided to explore the world of HR and took on the Chief People Officer role at CARSOME.

Outside Perspective Shaping HR Strategy:

Sergio feels he can ask “naive” questions to challenge status quo HR practices as a newcomer. He combines his business experience with his team’s expertise to bring innovative approaches. For example, he focuses on people development and purpose over administrative processes.

Sergio also aims to motivate his team to find fulfilment in their HR roles. He believes if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business. This people-first mindset drives his leadership.

Progressive HR Trends Spreading Across Industries:

Sergio discusses how HR innovations have started in tech companies as they embrace experimentation. He uses examples like Microsoft’s CEO hiring an exec from sales as Chief People Officer. Sergio expects these forward-thinking trends to spread to other industries soon.

Career Advice on Finding Your Passion:

Sergio advises regularly checking in on your passions for leaders looking to transition into HR. Find roles you’ll be excited about, even if it means learning new skills from scratch. Follow what energises you – that’s how career success and fulfilment can emerge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sergio’s career shows how unplanned shifts guided by passion can lead to unexpected yet fulfilling roles.
  • His business background brings a fresh perspective as Chief People Officer to disrupt status quo HR practices.
  • People and their development should be the priority for HR, not just processes.
  • Progressive HR trends are spreading from tech to other industries.
  • Regularly check your passions; don’t be afraid to switch roles to align with them.

Check out Sergio’s full podcast for more insights on purpose-driven careers and the future of HR!

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