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The Dos and Don’ts of HR Communication: Expert Advice for HR Professionals

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The Dos and Don’ts of HR Communication: Expert Advice for HR Professionals | Alvin Goh

June 27 ,2023

Join HR expert Alvin Goh and host Adrian Tan as they unveil the secrets to effective HR communication. From navigating sensitive conversations to building a positive workplace culture, this podcast is a must-listen for HR professionals seeking expert advice. Tune in for the ultimate dos and don’ts of HR communication!

Effective communication is essential for positive relationships between employers and employees. It involves both listening and talking to create a bi-directional exchange. Improving communication can increase productivity by 23%, contributing to potential revenue of $1.3 trillion annually. Alvin Goh, Senior Director of HR Transformation at WS Audiology, emphasizes the importance of encouraging leaders to respond to comments and discussions that occur below articles and posts on intranet and social media platforms.

HR departments often lack the emotional and human touch in their communication, which leads to HR communication being very factual and straightforward. Goh suggests adopting a blended approach of both factual and emotional messaging to infuse more empathy into HR messaging. This emotional connection can lead to better engagement and understanding among employees. HR departments must balance the flow of communication, understanding when certain messages should be sent via email, intranet, text, infographics, video, or podcast. They must also consider the preferences of different generations and how they consume information.

Employees’ consumption patterns have changed, and HR departments must adapt by presenting information in a way that resonates with employees. Visualizing engagement scores in infographics or presenting information in a swipable carousel on Instagram can be more effective than traditional methods. Understanding employees’ preferences and analyzing their reactions to different messaging can help HR departments focus on one or two channels with targeted messaging. HR departments should also blend the reality of what employees are going through outside of work with their messaging to create a more empathetic connection.

The abundance of communication platforms can make it difficult to introduce yet another platform. The solution may lie in a unified platform where employees can access all corporate platforms in one place. Personalization can happen when everything is consolidated into one platform, which can be used to push information to managers and employees about objective setting and performance assessment in a timely manner. The future of employee communication may involve the use of AI to help generate initial drafts of messaging. To improve messaging, HR departments can use ChatGPT to help write a more empathetic emotional angle.

In conclusion, communication is a two-way street, and it is essential to actively listen to employees and create an open and honest dialogue. Effective communication can improve the overall performance of an organization.

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